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Quantum Rise Updates

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Market & Contracts
The "N-1 Neon Type Rocket Bay" module and blueprint have been added to the market.
Skills now get filtered off the market if the check box is ticked and skills are learned.
Corporation & Alliance
Blueprints can now be unlocked if a vote times out with zero votes. This fix is the result of blueprints getting locked down when the vote is proposed but time elapses with no votes. The same mechanic is now used to unlock blueprints.
The "Access Denied" pop up message that would display when an Accountant or Junior Accountant would access the corporation wallet without take rights has been removed.
Corporations that applied to expired alliances will now display the correct membership history; the expired alliance will not appear on it.
Non-Immediate sanctionable actions (i.e. creating shares or war declarations) will no longer return to "Not In Effect" status after being applied.
User Interface
Unchecking the "Pilot has neutral standing" option will now only remove neutral pilots. Concord, Customs Police, stargates, billboards, sentry guns and secure containers will now show up on the overview.
The overview and brackets system has been overhauled. There is no longer a system specified default tab; you can now change the name of any tab from the tab itself or from overview settings. When all named tabs are deleted, the system generates the "default" tab again..
Overview and Brackets Settings have now been changed to Overview and Brackets Profiles respectively.
All Overview tabs can now be deleted, even the formerly hidden default one.
The minimum size of the corporation window has been increased. Corporation: Members >Find Member in Role will now display the listing properly as a result.
Opening the star map from the "show route" option by right clicking the available contract now minimizes the station information bar.
Players will no longer be able to see the ranks of retired members of a militia.
Double-clicking on the open votes tab has been disabled. The group now only expands and doesn't open a new window.
Windows will now retain their correct size and properties when they are unstacked.
The zoom feature on the mapbrowser (F11) has been removed as it did not function as intended.
The "view market details" option has been returned when creating a link to an item's "show info" in a chat channel in the right click menu options.
There is now a "Fetching Data" progress bar when opening the "Color stars by" tab in the World Map. This bar will prevent UI errors in the map if a player clicks on another tab.
The fitting windows in station services will now only close when you actually undock. If you abort the undocking, the window will remain open. When you dock, the fitting window will remain open.
You can now set a destination on the map screen to an avoided system and get there without turning off the avoidance feature.

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