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Quests Collection in Thundering Steppes

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Quests, as the most significant part in the game, can help players do well both in the leveling up and the gold farming. Below you will find the related main quests when you are leveling in the Thundering Steppes zone.
Heritage Quests Involving TS:
These Boots Were Made for Walking
An Antonic based quest, but there are 2 steps to do in TS, kill Bloodtalon and turn in the materials to the dwarf NPC Minty Frostbeard in Thundermist Village.
An Axe From the Past
Remember those Giants you were killing? They occasionally drop giant totems which when examined trigger the Words of a Giant language quest. Collect more totems to master the language. Then talk to Obsid Boulderboom the Giant to start this quest.
The Journey is Half the Fun
One leg of this heritage quest is running in TS. Be advised you will need someone to evac you to the docks to finish in time.
Hadden's Earring
This heritage quest begins and ends on the dock in TS. Talk to Kerath McMarrin to start this quest.
Strange Black Rock
This heritage quest requires you to find a power source in TS and to gain access to a special chamber in RoV which requires an access quest that takes part in both RoV and TS.
Stiletto's Orders
There is a Ratonga who wanders around in the Skindancer gnoll area. His name is Stiletto. Kill him and he drops Stiletto's Orders, which when examined starts the heritage quest.

Common Quests:

A Message for Kitty
This quest start with Amy Bhorgese found within Qeynos Tower 3. She sends you off to find her sister, Kitty. We will need to visit 3 locations for the auto-updates. First is in the Ruins of Karana near tower 4. Second is Archer's Wood in Antonica. Third is Behemoth Pond in Nektulos Forest. You'll need to speak to Kitty who is found just south of the pond, then return to Amy. Reward: Experience, coin, and a wrist item.
Watch Your Step in Thundering Steppes
This starts a series of quests that seems pretty worthwhile to do for experience. It starts with Jaques found in front of the gate to Antonica, he sends you to deliver a message to Blerton Blumble at the TS docks. Blerton will then give you the following quest. Reward: Experience and coin.
Blumble Blunder
You are asked to find Blerton's Grandfather. This was a bit of a pain because the in game instructions were wrong. It tells you to locate a X on the beach. What you are actually looking for is a rock, the same that takes you to the Pirates Hidden Stash instance, instead you choose Halfing Hole. You'll find Grandpa deep within the caves. Grandpa will then give you the following task:
Search for Grandma Blumble
Go find the lost Grandma. She's on the beach, southeast of the dock. Reward: Experience, and a necklace. Once that is completed, you head back to Blerton and he rewards you for finding Grandpa with experience and a choice of weapon. This then opens up the following quests from Jaques:
Watch Your Step in Thundering Steppes (Part II)
Jaques asks you to deliver a message to Tish Tickers, found in watchtower 3. This will then open up a quest from Tish that you will need to complete. Reward: Experience and coin.

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