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Random Mining Tips and Tricks

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Consider using the Gatherer addon for use with mining. This tool is extremely helpful and will mark all the mining deposits and herbs that you find.

If you are just starting out with mining and have decent funds, consider skipping through the copper and tin levels by purchasing the ore from the auction hall. A huge amount of time can be saved if you can purchase the ore cheap from the auction hall or other players. Smelt through these stacks of ore and then re-list the metal bars on the auction to recoup some of the money you spent. This method tends to become prohibitive towards the end of your tin range.

Stone drops are very common from mining deposits. Save your stone until you get a full stack and list it in the auction hall. Stone sells quite well and in some cases can actually be worth more than the ore itself!

Mining goes well with alot of other professions, and is a great way to make money. However it does not fit well with the herbalism skill since both of the skills have a 'Find' skill that accompanies them to help with finding the resources. These types of skills don't currently stack with each other, so you can only be looking for one type at any given time. If you are looking for pure money making skills and choose to go with mining, perhaps try a skill such as skinning as your other choice.

While levelling your mining skill, one of the most difficult parts is the range between Tin and Iron. If you are levelling your mining organically while levelling your character, this is not so much of an issue. If you are having trouble reaching the iron stage, consider taking a trip around the outside edges of wetlands and arathi, stopping off at the incendicite and lesser bloodstone caves for improves.

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