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Rogue:Playable Races

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Humans are a typical jack of all trades race, very well suited to most roles and tasks. As a Rogue the human typically can make good use of its racial abilities against other Rogues and in specific roles.

Racial abilities:
The human racial abilities that a Rogue makes specific use of are Perception and Sword specialization. Nothing is more valuable than to be able to see another Rogue before he sees you, as between Rogues that is often enough to decide the fight. Since most Rogues will offhand a sword weapon, Rogues benefit from the additional +5 to sword skill, which translates to better chance to hit with the weapon.

Night Elves:
The night elves, above all other races, are characterized by their agility and grace. To be a Rogue, one has to be stealthy and quiet, manipulative and cunning, all an outstanding quality of the average night elf.

Racial Abilities:
The two abilities that may stand out for a Rogue are Shadowmeld and Quickness. At first shadowmeld seems somewhat useless for a Rogue, but having a second stealth on a second cooldown may be enough to save you when a Horde gank squad comes around your grinding or farming area. Though having to remain stationary limits the usefulness of the ability it is just another type of precaution in the Rogues' sneaky defense. Quickness adds 1% dodge, which is a primary form of damage mitigation for a Rogue. In other words, the Rogue's armor being leather, better to not get hit at all than get hit for less.

The Dwarves are a hardy race, and make use of their diminished size to remain hidden and perform their role. Though not very well suited to be Rogues, and their racial abilities do not lend themselves readily to the Rogue's repertoire but can still add that pinch of flavor that a player needs to enjoy the game.

Racial Abilities:
The primary skill for a dwarf Rogue to be concerned with is Stoneform. The Stoneform effect will increase your armor by 5% as well as make you immune to bleed, disease and poison effects, which is very useful for a Rogue that needs to vanish and stay vanished. However, some would consider the reduction to 70% movement speed a hindrance to the Rogue with other places to be than in involuntary combat. The gun specialization for a Rogue is arguable, though from time to time having a decent ranged weapon is invaluable when someone is trying to run away from you, which with a Rogue does occasionally happen.

The gnomes are one of the ideal Rogue races. Their considerably small size and stature lends themselves to staying hidden. You might stand right on top of one and miss it for lack of looking down. Another interesting mechanic of World of Warcraft that a gnome makes use of is the ability to squeeze through small areas, which as a Rogue that kind of mobility and freedom is invaluable.

Racial Abilities:
Escape Artist is likely the first ability to catch anyone’s eye. Since the Rogue relies on proximity to target snare breaking effects are invaluable, especially against a class such as the druid or mage. Being able to break a snare without using the vanish ability allows you to save it for when you really need it. Another ability that a Rogue can benefit greatly from is the racial +15 to engineering skill. Most players would do well to pick a crafting profession their first time through, but many engineering items can be a great supplement to Rogue abilities. Being able to net a running player, toss bombs on them, damage and debuff them in unorthodox ways allows engineering to lend itself to the Rogue play style.

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