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Rogue:Playable Races

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The orc race is a race of politics, betrayals, assassination and brute strength. The orc Rogue is a brutal enemy, a foe who strikes without mercy at the weakest target to take it down.

Racial Abilities:
Hardiness stands out as being invaluable to the orc Rogue, as this passive ability will give them the upper hand in fights against other Rogues and sometimes hunters as well. Between Rogues, careful timing of stuns is often the difference between win and lose so being able to break up that timing is an incredible advantage. The other Rogue ability of use to an orc is Blood Fury. When you want to hit hard, you can activate Blood Fury for a 25% bonus to your attack power and get that extra damage you need. However, with blood fury it comes with a considerable price. For the duration of Blood Fury heals on the Rogue will be less effective, meaning he may not survive long enough to effectively use his ability. After the buff wears off, the Rogue is debuffed with -25% attack power for 15 seconds. An orc Rogue needs to be able to kill his target quickly to be effective with his abilities.

The undead Rogue is merciless and cruel, and attacks without remorse. The forsaken are jaded to life and as such are quick to end it without pity. The undead is possibly the strongest Rogue race for the Horde, considering their racial abilities.

Racial Abilities:
The undead Rogue’s most useful ability is Will of the Forsaken. This ability grants immunity to, or breaks the effect of sleep, fear, and charm effects. This ability is almost overwhelmingly useful as many classes primary forms of defense are the ability to fear or charm the enemy. This ability is often used as a debuff breaker, but with proper timing and anticipation can be used to prevent the debuff from even taking place, however with a 5 minute duration for the effect it can be very difficult to use it that way. Another useful Rogue racial ability is the ability to cannibalize, or regenerate health by feeding off of corpses. In PVP combat you don’t know where your next heal is going to come from, so the ability to regenerate some health from the corpse of your latest victim may save you in your next encounter. It’s also useful to minimize downtime during grinding or farming periods.

The trolls are an outcast race of Azeroth. Though they claim an affiliation with the horde based on honor, they take great pride in their own tradition of combat. With barely even a home to call their own they cling strongly to what is still theirs. The hilt of a dagger or sword is not unfamiliar to a troll and many will use them as Rogues, with great precision and deadly force.

Racial Abilities:
The showcase troll ability is berserking, a scaling increase in attack or casting speed dependant on the health of the user. Depending on your health level you can expect between a 10% and 30% increase in attack speed. Here’s where it gets tricky. A dagger Rogue that relies on single hit massive damage does not benefit very much from this ability, while a combat Rogue that prefers a flurry of attacks over pinpoint stabbing precision may appreciate the increased attack speed. Another racial trait to be aware of the +5% damage bonus to beasts. If the Rogue picks up a skinning profession this talent may have noticeable benefit to productivity and leveling. Finally, like the dwarf the usefulness of the +5 to bows skill is arguable, but may come in handy in a pinch.

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