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Shadow Warrior in Patch 1.0.5

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Shadow Warrior in Patch 1.0.5
All Swordmasters have undergone significant changes and will need to reallocate their career mastery points as a result. Be sure to speak to your trainer right away to regain your abilities! All Blade Enchants will now persist through the Swordmaster's death. This means that you will not have to recast an Enchant after respawning or being resurrected.
Heaven's Blade: This ability now reduces resists by the correct amount and will display as a debuff.
Graceful Strike: Fixed a bug in which this ability was receiving double stat contribution on the direct damage portion of the ability.
Nature's Blade: The proc from this ability now has new art for its area effect.
Gusting Wind: The cost of this ability has been decreased, it has been changed to a Perfect Balance attack, and it now deals spirit damage.
Quick Incision: The cost has of this ability been increased, its cooldown timer has been removed, and its damage has been changed to apply instantly instead of over time.
Wrath of Hoeth: The cost of this abilty has been increased, it has been changed to an Improved Balance attack, and its radius has decreased.
Blurring Shock: This ability now applies an effect on the target for the next 10s: whenever they are critically hit they take additional damage.
Phoenix Wing: This ability no longer adds additional hate. Its damage has been increased, and its radius has been increased.
Crushing Advance: The damage of this abilty has increased, its reuse has increased, and this ability now adds 10% to the Swordmaster's block instead of increasing the current value by 10%.
Protection of Hoeth: This abilty has been changed to an Open Balance attack, its reuse has been decreased, and its absorb effect has been decreased.
Juggernaut: This ability is now available at rank 12.
Guard: This ability should no longer attempt to work on players outside of the Swordmaster's group.
Graceful Strike: The amount that stats contribute to the damage of this ability has been slightly increased to make it consistent with other damage over time abilities.

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