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The Death of Story

Author: inwowgold Source:

Pretty much any action could be possible for player-influenced factions, but probably the biggest lure would be things that contribute to individual gameplay. Factions are already a source of less expensive or rare items but they could be so much more. Most non-aligned factions seem to be based around money-raising ventures, though it would be logical that most (if not all) of the profits were not spent by individual players on individual equipment like in the standard auction house, but rather on bigger world undertakings such as the aforementioned building projects, or campaigns against other factions, bribery, hiring NPC mercenaries, etc. For that matter, wouldn't it be cool if factions could offer bounties to players to kill PvE or PvP opponents, collect certain resources, or perform other tasks. SWG dabbled with the bounty idea and I'm sorry to see it hasn't gone further.

By definition, an MMO is a community game and not just a bunch of players who happen to be playing their own single-player RPG in a shared geographical space. As such, wouldn't it make sense for the community to feel like the world they play in is alive and changing and that they can garner some influence over what transpires? This would allow MMOs to tap into the power of fantasy and sci-fi that served as a major source of their inspiration.

Next time we'll look at the second half of the tale: the individual story.


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