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The Many Faces of World of Warcraft

Author: By Dave 'Fargo' Kosak Source: gamespy.com

DC Unlimited went next to display a brief slideshow of the World of Warcraft models currently in production. Monsters were the theme of the day: a very detailed succubus figure was unveiled, as well as a Gnoll Warlord (who comes with an arsenal of oversized weapons) and a Tuskarr figure (pointing his harpoon in the air dramatically). The figure that got the most cheers and applause, however, was the Murloc. Murlocs will come in packs of two, their mouths curled into ferocious roars as they charge. (Here everyone on the panel attempted to do their Murloc gurgles. Stress the word "attempted." Then the audience joined in. Ever hear thousands of people gurgle like Murlocs? It was truly epic.) Also, a limited edition Lady Vashj figure is in the works. There's an immense level of detail to these figures, visible even in the unpainted models shown. DC is really aiming for exacting detail.

Next up, a representative from the trading card game elaborated on plans for the future. The collectible card game has been around two years and has enjoyed a great deal of success. Upper Deck is aiming to continue the momentum with a new game mechanic: location cards, which will detail specific areas of the World of Warcraft universe, each with their own game effects. The first location cards will debut in the upcoming Dark Moon Faire collector's set.

Naturally there's new in-game loot in the pipeline (special cards that you can redeem online for in-game items). These include a bear mount, something that got the crowd at Comic-Con pretty excited (not to mention us editors). A Black Temple Raid deck is also on its way. Representatives promised that all treasure cards would be guaranteed in the raid deck this time around.

Finally, the next major series of cards is expected in October, with "Drums of War." This series focuses on a PvP and Arena theme. One notable product is a new two-player starter pack, the first single set to include enough starter cards for two players.

Getting Small

Finally, the panel concluded with a look at the World of Warcraft miniatures game, expected to hit retail in November of 2008. The level of detail in the miniatures was very impressive -- a side-by-side slide of a finished miniature next to an in-game model showed off just how richly detailed the miniature was, despite being an inch and a half high. The painting of the miniatures is also held to high standards. Upper Deck is aiming for "a quality level never before seen in the industry" with these, and it shows in the final product. You can clearly see the individual overlapping armor plates in the final painted miniatures, as well as detailed shading and textures.

After the panel we went down to the show floor to get some hands-on time with the miniatures game, which we'll detail in a separate report. Suffice it to say, if you're a fan of World of Warcraft, you'll have no shortage of wow gold products to geek out with in the months to come.


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