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The Wrath Lich King:Cooking & Alchemy

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You don't have to be a mage in order to cook for your friends! Experienced chefs will be able to create "platters" of food that work like soulwells and mage tables, that will provide good eats with some bonus stats.

Alchemists have been able to train their Wrath ability, Mixology, since the last patch, but many of you might not have noticed yet.

If you regularly depend upon consumables, and genuinely enjoy being able to adjust your stats using potions, elixirs and flasks, then Mixology provides a renewed reason to become an Alchemist.

Previously, most people chose the profession because of the transmutes and potion/elixir/flask specialty options, as well as to more easily acquire their consumables.

Mixology actually extends the duration of elixir and flask effects, as well as amplifying them, giving Alchemists a bit of an edge in combat situations.

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