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The zombie plague seems to be over for now

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The zombie plague seems to be over for now. We talked last week about how you could roleplay your sudden transformation into the undead brain muncher. Now, let's take a bit to talk about how your survivors are going to be feeling about this mess.

Revenge. After dealing with the shock and horror, if you decide to eschew organized groups like the Argent Dawn, now might be when your character gathers intelligence on the enemy. Then, Punisher-style, kill them all. Tenris in Karazhan's going to require a group. But the Scourge invasion bosses in the lower level isntances? Many folks can solo them. Use Alex's guide as a checklist and roleplay out your vigilante storyline on these bosses.

Shock and Insanity. Ziggurats hover threateningly over the face of Azeroth. New Scourge threats linger everywhere. If your character isn't the adventuring type, then it's reasonable to assume they're going to be a little shaky right now. It's not every day you watch as your girlfriend turns into a slavering brain-eater. Shock, horror, and even some Cthulu-esque insanity is due for the spectators. Ultimately, events like these are what we make of them. It's one of the few truly dynamic events in which we all get to take part. And just like it's changing the gameplay of WoW forever, we can hopefully treasure it and let it change the way we roleplay and tell stories. It's only going to happen once, and we should enjoy it while we can.

It really was a sweet event. When you went to stormwind especially, it felt like the end of the world. I hope that Blizzard has something else coming for us in the next little while, the ending was sort of anti-climactic. thanks Blizzard, and keep the events coming!

Add a category for Nostalgia. As an already-corrupted Forsaken, being turned and watching all the wussy blue nameplates turn red was like being a kid in a candy store. Having an army of zombies following you around trashing a major city was the closest to the D2 Necromancer we've been able to get in along time.

Like it or not, we're playing a role-playing game. You have a role to play. WarCraft, like so many other RPGs, is dependent upon its story. The zombie invasion is the next step in the storyline for World of WarCraft, a way for the developers to say "Hey, the world you're playing in is changing."

Couldn't get your dailies done? Your business transactions in capital cities and at auction houses fall apart? Good. That's precisely what should happen. A zombie apocalypse is swiftly coming to Azeroth, and players want to know why they can't find the bankers. They want a World Event that they don't have to participate in or feel the ramifications of. It's the World of WarCraft, not the World of Power Leveling to Create a Sense of Accomplishment that I Lack in Real Life.

With 11 million subscribers, I feel that the claim of "7 out of 10" opposed to the event is both unfounded and idiotic. For argument's sake, I was in the 3 out of 10 who really enjoyed it (and I got my dailies done every day without a hassle). I made the best of it. If I was a Druid, I went about my business. If I was a zombie, however, I was going to make all living things around me suffer.

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