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The whole picture can be best summed up with the concept of pressure. Arathi Basin is a game focused on pressuring your opponents and freezing their mobility. Mobility itself is important because players need to move rapidly from node to node either to beat the defenders from getting backup, or so they can save it from attackers. There is no better way to limit an opposing teams mobility then engaging them in a fight. The effects of pressure are simply explained. 3 players from one team are attacking a node with 7 defenders. Obviously their attempt is futile, they aren't going to capture the node. What they are capable of doing though is holding up 7 players, basically half the enemy team in combat, for as long as they can manage to stay alive. Solid healers help the attacking team of less last long enough to be more then a 10 second nuisance and turns them into a 2 minute clog.

A team constantly under pressure in the way outlined above is going to have a hard time. That guy defending the blacksmith may keep yelling the enemy is there over battleground chat, even though your team outnumbers them 2 to 1. Defenders need to realize when there are too many of them defending a node. Even if it is currently being attacked, the defenders would be better off protecting a node that is actually in danger of succumbing to the enemy. That may sound even simpler then pressuring, but most players seem incapable of stopping themselves from chasing the resto druid across half the map instead of actually fighting where it matters. Pressure itself is not related to whether or not your team is on the offensive or the defensive at the moment. It's all about forcing a large portion of the enemy team, in regards to the size of your own assaulting force, from participating in the battleground except for fighting you.

On the note of defending, it kind of goes without saying that when you are protecting a node you should be near it. Because of AB's mechanics though, often the best place to defend is not near the node itself. Heading off the enemy by counter attacking before they reach the node they are attempting to assault, when you can pull it off, is a very good thing. Not only will the rest of your team have more time to supply the node with defenders, you will have plenty of time to be resurrected and defend all over again before fighting on top of an actual node. This type of tactic is more akin to reducing the mobility of your opponent, making them dismount to attempt to you kill you instead of going straight for the node. Players should be careful not to be caught in a position where they only have control of 2 out of 5 bases and believe they are defending by not fighting on a node. More often then not, what they end up experiencing is the enemy still applying pressure to them while they are unable to assault anywhere. Onto less pervasive tactics. As noted before, the stables has the only graveyard where players can near instantly spawn and in under 3 seconds be back into the fight. That makes this node slightly easier to defend then the others.

The Alliance tend to leave barely anyone there though, and once the Horde have taken it, a problem arises. This same problem can also happen with the farm, as it is the Horde's first node they are given access to. Inside each starting area is yet another graveyard. When a player dies out somewhere on the map, they will go to the nearest controlled node for respawn. The problem is that if the Horde take the stables, or the Alliance take the farm, anybody who dies does not go to another controlled node, but instead back to their starting zone. It may not seem like a major issue, but the starting zone is the furthest point a player can get from any of the nodes. This means that they are out of the fight for a much longer time then if they were able to spawn at a captured node instead of their start zone.

Furthermore, because of the ease to defend the stables, the Horde have the ability to effectively bottleneck any Alliance players from doing anything but respawning over and over again at their starting zone. Any Alliance player that runs down and tries to take the stables back anyway. In this situation, and the same applies to the farm, the best thing for a player to do is ignore the node unless they are completely sure they will not die when attempting to take it. Any player who keeps running at the farm or stables from their starting zone and keeps dying is shutting themselves down with barely any effort on the part of the opposing team, not to mention those players are no longer helping to defend captured nodes.

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