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US - Free Character Moves Update

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Summoning a temporary pet is fine, though we've almost done that one to death, and turning into an alternate form temporarily is fine. (src)

Developer list of things to accomplish
When we set out to work on the classes in Lich King, we had some specific goals for each one. Our mission was not to overhaul every class. We had specific things we want to accomplish.

For locks, the list looked something like this:
Give Destro a rotation that involved more than just Shadowbolt.
Make sure Affliction had dps comparable with the difficulty in pulling off the rotation.
Get locks to care more about pets without it just being Imps in PvE and Felhunters in PvP (and sac'ing pets as often as possible).
Get the Felguard back out and make the Infernal and Doomguard not a joke.
Make the dps stones something someone might actually use.
Make Affliction care more about Shadow and Destro fire.
Get Demo back into the PvE game again[wow gold].
Get rid of the hassles with demon training.


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