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Ulduar Dungeons

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 For a long time, the mortal races of Azeroth have sought to find out the origins of their existence. Many have spent their entire lives chasing the ghosts of the past in order to scour the far reaches of the world,
Recently, they found out the titan city known as Ulduar might expose the secrets of Azeroth's puzzling history at last.
Brann Bronzebeard is legendary explorer, who spent countless hours piecing together clues about the mysterious city while combing through artifacts scattered across the region. He deduced that a titan library might lie within one wing of the complex: the Halls of Stone. If so, the archive could prove to be his greatest discovery to date.
However, Brann encountered foul creatures roaming the Halls of Stone in his attempts to access the library. Infused with evil and shaped from iron, crazed dwarves had seized control of the city and spread throughout the Storm Peaks. To Brann's disgust, they had even turned their weapons on Ulduar, tunneling through its walls and carving out monstrous crystal giants from the very heart of the mountains surrounding the city.
Upon departing Azeroth, the titans entrusted loyal protectors to safeguard the city of Ulduar. From atop the snowy mountains of the Storm Peaks, these guardians watched over the enigmatic halls of the complex as history unfolded outside its walls. Designated supreme among these guardians was Keeper Loken, but with the power of the titan city in his hands, he turned to darkness.
Repudiating his oaths and unraveling the delicate plans of his masters, the treacherous protector turned ally against ally, breaking pacts long held by the ancient races of the Storm Peaks. His deceitful schemes swept through Ulduar and afflicted the city's other protectors. Amassing a powerful force of iron dwarves, the fallen watcher ravaged the surrounding area, striking down any who opposed his dark will.
From his throne within the Halls of Lightning, Loken continues his unabated assault, brooding over a celestial image of the world.
Ulduar's loyal builders, the earthen, are struggling against the corrupted watcher, and they warn that Loken has acquired the allegiance of ferocious allies to bolster the ranks of his iron minions. While vrykul bristling with runic energy prowl the corridors of the Halls of Lightning, fierce elementals swarm around blistering forges, tirelessly churning out new followers.
Only putting an end to Loken's reign will ensure the safety of Azeroth. Although the arrival of Horde and Alliance forces has chipped away at the evil gripping the region, the true key to victory may lie with the beings long deceived by Loken's trickery, scattered among embittered enclaves throughout the Storm Peaks.
Thorim, Loken's brother, who wanders grief-stricken outside Ulduar. If he can be convinced of his brother's betrayal, he may turn the tide of battle to reclaim the city in favor of the earthen and other heroes fighting
There have been whispers of an even greater evil at work behind the fall of Ulduar as powerful as Loken is. Only with Loken's last breath��the truth will be revealed.
In general, Ulduar will be harder than Naxxramas is. Naxx was tuned easy on purpose, and the devs have been saying for a while that Ulduar to the same extent won't be that way. Ulduar is "the second year class." So we won't be hitting a brick wall, but it probably won't be compared to UBRS either like Naxx often is now.

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