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Updated Scroll of Resurrection FAQ

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     We are happy to announce that players in four more countries are now eligible to use the Scroll of Resurrection service. The Scroll of Resurrection is a method introduced by Blizzard to lure back players who have quit playing World of Warcraft. By entering either an email address or the name and realm of the character the recipient last played on this page, players with an active account can try and get somebody back to play the game.
Players in Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, and Lithuania may now help their friends or be helped by their friends in reviving their World of Warcraft accounts. By reviving an account with this service, you can play with an old character for 10 days, free! Please check our updated Scroll of Resurrection FAQ for more information about this feature.
Your friend has one month to accept the invitation and try The Burning Crusade; the offer expires if it is not used within that time. Each friend can only be sent an invitation a total of three times in this program (from any combination of current players). After that, the person is no longer an eligible Scroll of Resurrection recipient.
You can send invitations through this program to someone who previously subscribed to World of Warcraft and whose last time playing the game was more than 90 days ago (this includes any previous time please buy wow gold Herbalism 1 to 300 Guide aying The Burning Crusade Trial). For a similar offer for those of your friends who have never subscribed to World of Warcraft (world of warcraft gold), please see the Recruit-A-Friend Program.
You can have up to five invitations out at any one time. Each time an invitation expires or is claimed, that slot opens up, allowing you to send a new invitation.
Just go to the Scroll of Resurrection invite site and follow the instructions on that page. You will need to know your friend's current email address, or the character and realm he or she last played on, in order to send an invitation. We suggest you send the invitation to the email address your friend is most likely to check. Leatherworking 1 to 300 Guide Enchanting 1 to 300 Guide Jewelcrafting 1 to 300 Guide
This is all about the Scroll of Resurrection that World of Warcraft has updated it for all of you online and hope you have a good game time.

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