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Updates and Blue Posts in the World of Warcraft

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Updates show that the bear armor works so that bonus armor on items does not receive the bear armor multiplier, in other words, trinkets, rings, necks and cloaks with bonus armor will not be multiplied by the bear bonus. The normal armor on leather will still be multiplied by this bonus. Aside from them, the developers in the World of Warcraft now are going to remove bonus armor from Feral staves, which means players now can get the bonus armor from the leather they acquire.
This change will not be in effect when Lich King ships. Since now players are not supposed to go through heroic efforts to acquire items like the Badge of Tenacity, or Defender's Code. Defender's Code, with 850 armor, will still be a good trinket. But it won't be an insanely good trinket for a bear.
With this adjustment of the bear armor modifiers, players' net mitigation does not go down with these changes
One effect has added to a deep Feral talent (something like Primal Tenacity) to further reduce the cost of shapeshifting into cat or bear by 50%. This talent will stack with Natural Shapeshifter for a total cost reduction of 80%. PvP-focused druids can get both talents to shift easily and often despite, no longer having Int on gear at level 80.
Protector of the pack
The group requirements has been removed from this talent. The new tooltip will say: "Increases your attack power by X and reduces the damage you take in Bear Form and Dire Bear Form by Y." The values of X and Y themselves are not changing.
Again, these changes will not be in Nov 13 for Lich King's launch.
Wrath of the Lich King Beta ended
Achievement: Champion of the Frozen Wastes
The Champion of the Frozen wastes achievement currently has a bug. There is a "hidden" criteria to kill Malygos in the achievement that is not displaying to characters. This can result in a player thinking that he has completed all of the necessary requirements to fulfill the achievement but not receive credit.
Please be advised that killing Malygos is required for the achievement. In an upcoming client patch, the Malygos criteria will display properly.
Bind on Equip items dropping from dungeons and raids
This is actually intended. We want there to be more trickle down items from raids and part of that decision was to give each boss one item that is BoE. It helps add excitement to raids and well as provide raiding [wow gold] guilds another way to help pay for the cost of raiding.
Upgrade to the Everlasting Underspore Pod
Blacksmithing Epic Weapons
There will not be a Stormherald type weapon "high level crafter only". There are however a fair number of epic crafted BoE weapons that smiths will be able to make in LK. We didn't like the vast number of people who felt they were required to be Blacksmiths in order to get a good weapon. Players should choose their trade skills based on what they enjoy, not what they feel they must do.
Raiding is easy at the moment. Even Naxx will be pretty easy. Part of that is because we thought Karazhan, Gruul and Magtheridon were too steep a jump in difficulty from the heroics. Part of that is because most of the Naxx encounters are well-understood.
You will not be able to AE tank and AE burn down every encounter in Lich King like we're all doing now in Hyjal and Sunwell.
Very few players experienced Sunwell pre-nerf.
On the other hand, those that did were generally very complimentary of the encounters. Despite the difficulty, people had fun.
Obviously the preceeding is a very slippery slope and it's easy to make content too difficult or too easy.
Part of the reason Sunwell was difficult was it mandated raid stacking. The buff / debuff system has changed so much that we don't anticipate that happening again the same way.

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