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Updates in World of Warcraft

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Dispell revamp
We have also talked about systems of dispel priority, whether every dispel uses the same number of charges, whether you should be able to protect buffs with other buffs, whether dispel chance should improve with each failure, or if you should be able to dispel buffs like Fort at all.
The way it works:
Deathgraf is almost a simulator, providing incredible detail and accuracy while still being fast enough to recalculate on a whim. Deathgraf calculates an optimal sequence of ability firing and individually calculates each ability's damage over x amount of time. However, the things we know; crit/hit averages, average damage, proc rates; are averaged out for each ability, so you always get the same perfect result. It then makes a graf of fite (tm) that looks something like this:
The tool comes with a variety of output and fact checking options, so other theorycrafters can verify what's going on under the hood. With peer review, we know we're getting the right results.
One of the best features, the ability to instantly share your results. Every calculation has a unique url hash associated to it, so just copy the url out of your browser to show other people what you're seeing. Deathgraf is in beta right now, there are more features I plan to add in the near future.


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