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Updates in the Patch 3.0.2

Author: inwowgold Source:

Although most people who have been paying attention to the fansites know this stuff already I figured I'd make some introduction anyway which may prevent some topics from ever appearing.
Mounts and Vanity Pets -
With 3.0.2 all mounts and vanity pets can be 'learned' so that they no longer take any bag space. After this you can find your mounts and vanity pets under your Pets tab on your character pane and can use them through there or drag them to your action bars.
Tokens Tab
Items such as Badges of Justice, battleground Marks of Honor, and set tokens will now be found in the new Tokens tab so they no longer take bag space. This tab can be found in the character pane.
Inscription -
Unlike Jewelcrafting you will be able to learn Inscription after the patch tomorrow up to skill level 375. You can find the trainers for Inscription in every capital and can find their locations via a guard.
Barbershops -
You will be able to find barbershops in Stormwind near the Auction House and Ironforge just east of the bank across from the inn for Alliance and in Undercity neat the flight master and in Orgrimmar near the rogue trainers for Horde. There is also one located in Area 52.
Some other things being added are Stormwind Harbor, the new calendar UI, 2 new arenas and the new talents.
Things that are not coming tomorrow are Death Knights not surprisingly and Northrend.
User Interface
New Calendar feature: Players will be able to access the new Calendar feature by clicking on the new icon located in the top right corner of their mini map. The calendar will track in game events, allow raid scheduling, and more.
New Vanity Pet and Mount changes: Players will now be able to access their non-combat pets and mounts by clicking on the pets tab in the Character Info panel. These pets and mounts will be now learnable much like spells or abilities. Once a vanity pet or mount is learned, the icon will disappear from within a player's inventory andreappear in the appropriate tab under the pet tab under Character Info. Say goodbye to your vanity pets and mounts taking up bag and bank slots!
Lost pets and mounts (one time quest rewards) can be recovered by visiting a stablemaster.
A new Agro Warning is now available and currently functioning in dungeons.
Focus Frame is now available. Players will be able to right click on any unit frame and select "Set Focus". The focus frame will only display when the focus is set. Players may also set a "Focus Cast Key" in the options/combat panel that can be bound to shift, alt, or ctrl. When holding the focus cast key and triggering an action, the action will be performed on your focus and not on your target.

The new arenas were first unveiled at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational in Paris earlier this year, wow gold but we were able to see them at BlizzCon in the form of short videos that followed Lead Level Designer Cory Stockton's introductions.


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