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Updates in the Patch 3.0.2

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Lost tabards (one time quest rewards) may now be restored by visiting a tabard vendor.
Lost keys (one time quest rewards) may now be restored by visiting a blacksmith.
Error messages should play less frequently.
Tradeskills can now be linked by shift-clicking the tradeskill icon.
Quests can be shared with party members at any distance.
Quests can be shared with party members by linking the quest into party chat.
Quests can be shared in raids but not battlegrounds.
Randomized Daily quests may now be shared, but only on the same day as the quest is given.
A 5 minute timer will appear over the player's unit frame showing the countdown until your PvP flag is cleared.
The /cower emote now has an animation.
Macros and key bindings are now saved server-side so there is no longer a need to reconfigure them when logging in using another computer.
Shift-clicking to loot mail: You can now hold Shift and click on mail in your inbox to automatically loot any items and gold without opening the mail. This default behavior can be changed via Auto Loot Mail in the Interface Options (Controls).
Combat Log Changes:
The combat log now differentiates between a spell failure due to resistance and spell failure due to missing the target. Where once both events reported as a resist; a spell missing the target is now reported as a miss.
Overhealing is now reported in the combat log.
When a source of damage is entirely prevented (by a shield block, a full resist, or a damage shield like Power Word:Shield, the prevented amount will now be displayed.
Druids and Shaman can now use items while shapeshifted.
The Abyss Shard has been changed to grant a passive 15 stamina bonus, but no longer removes the soul shard requirement from casting a voidwalker.
Devilsaur Eye now increases your pet's attack power for a short duration instead of increasing its critical strike chance. It also provides a small amount of passive Agility.
Buffs that have 30 seconds or less remaining will be removed once the game starts. However, the mage spell "Invisibility" is not affected by this change.
New Profession: Inscription is available to train up to 375.

When up, the pillars provides a line-of-sight obstruction, world of warcraft gold useful for keeping ranged enemies from firing on you, or frustrating if you're the one trying to chase after a scampering Druid.


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