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WOW: Wrath Of The Lich King

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As you all know the fact that Wrath of the Lich King, the second expansion for World of Warcraft, adds the aptly named northern continent of Northrend to the game, along with the first hero class: the Death Knight. Players can advance to level 80, acquiring some exciting new skills, spells, and talents, as they continue their epic adventures
So for the part of the world that matters, Wrath of the Lich King brings a lot of neat content to World of Warcraft. There are many staple additions such as ten more levels, and assorted spells, skills, and talents to go along with them. The big exciting thing is the new hero class: the Death Knight. The Death Knight is part Paladin, part Warrior, and part Warlock, filling the roles of damage-dealer or tank in groups. It's a hero class, because you have to have a level 55 or higher character on the server before you can create a Death Knight, and the Death Knight starts at level 55. It needs no more newbie grind! Once you finish the tutorial quests, you're at level 58 and ready to jump straight into Outland.
As a Death Knight, you still have to grind through Outland before you qualify for Lich King's new continent: Northrend. Unlike the rather linear Outland, with its early choke-points in Hellfire Peninsula that made the whole first week of the expansion feel like trying to push out. Anyhow, Northrend has a twin-zone structure that eased the masses into the game without clogging things up nearly as badly.
Sometimes, many players may be disappointed to find out that their Outland flying mounts are unavailable when they arrive in Northrend. At level 77, you can train Cold Weather Flying, allowing you to once again dart from place to place through the sky. However much of a nuisance it is to ride around, because it forces players to get around and not only explore and experience all the new content, but also brought back a certain sense of survival and advancement as you gained access to previously blocked areas.
At the same time, a new reputation grind quest hub called Nifflevar, where the Sons of Hodir reside, changes as you complete quests. You liberate the area, defeat a boss that actually stays dead now, and begin adding components to rebuild the Nifflevar ice fortress. It's all very cool, and gets huge thumbs up, except when it causes problems. There are certain instances when you might want to group up with friends but happen to be in different versions of phase space and you can't see each other. Well, just tell your friends to stop slacking and finish the quests!
Wrath of the Lich King also brings along another step in the pro-casual shift that was heralded along with Burning Crusade. If you'll recall, BC cut raid sizes down from 40 to 25 in an effort to make raid content more accessible. WotLK further improves accessibility to raids by mirroring every 25-man raid with a 10-man version. This means that there won't be any content exclusive to high-end raiding guilds; except, of course, the loot, since the drops are different in the two versions.
And also the 10-mans meant a great opportunity to gear up more quickly as experienced BC raiding guilds transitioned into 25-man content: thanks to very smooth loot itemization in heroics and 10-mans, many guilds were able to cut right into 25-man raids without having to grind partial instances for loot.
This has resulted in a major cut in the overall challenge of the game. Whereas previous expansions meant working to get through raid zones, now most experienced guilds have already cleared all available raid content, many on their first or second week of trying. While raiding may only appeal to a small portion of the server population and these changes may be trying to get more people into raids, it's also left the hard core raiders with a bitter taste in their mouth as things have become far too easy.

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