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Warrior Spec Overview

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World of Warcraft Warrior's talent trees are Fury, Arms and Protection. Warriors are thought to be the only main tanking class of World of Warcraft. They are widely known to be the best single target main tanks in the game and with Wrath of the Lich King, they look to compete with Death Knights and Paladins for greatest AoE Tank with their added ability, Shockwave.
And also Warriors can cause a considerable amount of raid DPS in fury spec with enough hit rating and they will keep up with Rogues any day of the week when that happens.
Arms Warriors are deadly in PVP, in particular the arena, with their high damage mitigation and burst DPS abilities.
With the exception of there being no more global cool-down for recklessness, retaliation, and shield wall, Warriors have only ability and talent changes for the most part.
First of all, we talk about Fury ability changes. They start with Battle Shout which now affects all raid members and increases attack power instead of just melee attack power. Additionally, challenging shout is down to a three minute cool-down and Cleave has a bonus damage boost. Commanding Shout now also buffs the entire raid and Execute has been slightly reduced in damage. Recklessness how has a five minute cool-down with a boost to your next special ability attacks of 100% to critical hit with damage taken increased by 20% for 12 seconds. Finally, Whirlwind has been reduced from 100% to 80% on each spin.
Secondly, Arms is coming. Now Heroic Strike increases your melee damage by 10% instead of adding damage to your attack. Mocking Blow is down to one rank and only causes weapon damage and is useable in Defensive Stance. Overpower is also down to only one rank and the bonus damage has been removed Rend's duration has been lowered but base damage has been increased and Retaliation has been given a 5 minute cool-down with a slight revision to instantly counterattack your foe for 12 seconds. Thunder Clap is the last of the altered abilities, now scaling damage to Attack Power with a longer cool-down and no target limit.
Thirdly, the last talent tree is Protection. This tree's abilities have been altered starting with Defensive Stance which now generates 45% additional threat instead of 30%. Disarm now costs only 15 rage and Intervene reduces the target's total threat by 10% as well Revenge has higher damage totals for all ranks now and doesn't deal extra threat Shield Bash has been removed from the global cool-down while Shield Block increases your block chance by 100% for 10 seconds and will block 1 attack. Taunt has also been altered so that it has a 20 yard range and an 8 second cool-down.
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