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If the inner fortress walls have been breached, it's important to fall back into the inner courtyard and take out vehicles before they reach the Fortress Keep Door. Vehicles must take priority. In order of importance, players must take out Demolishers first because of their range, Siege Tanks next because of their heft -- and the only way they'll damage the doors is if they're at close range, and Catapults last because they deal the least siege damage and are easy to destroy.

If offense manages to break through the main doors with ten around ten minutes to spare, it's essentially over. The best thing defense can do is mass inside the Titan Relic's room and madly spam AoEs and tab-select targets in order to damage them. It's not important to focus fire on anyone at this point, but damage as many opponents as possible to break channeling. If the inner sanctum's doors are intact with five minutes left, good job. There's a big chance you'll retain control of Wintergrasp.

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