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WoW Blue Posts:Tanking in Wrath of the Lich King

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Tanking in Wrath of the Lich King
The goal is roughly equivalent. The goal is not identical. Identical would mean making all abilities identical, down to things like Divine Shield and Innervate. I also want to caution you all that there are plenty of players who are concerned about the degree of homogenization we've done to get the tank classes as close as they are. It's cool for everyone to have their different visions for what the game should be, just make sure not to impose your vision on everyone else. There are eleven million people playing WoW.
As far as the other arguments are concerned.
You can argue that our design is for warriors to be the best tanks. But I can debunk that right here. It's not. They will probably be superior in some cases and inferior in others, but never to the extent that you bench the warrior and bring in another class for a certain fight.
You can argue that some classes need to tank worse than others to compensate for their other abilities or degree of hybrid-ness. But that is not our design.
You can argue that some classes end up being better tanks for some reason or another. This is a totally legit concern.
 In Classic WoW there was really only one tank, the warrior.
In Burning Crusade, we added two other tanks, but the design was that they were typically used in an OT role. There were exceptions of course.
The design for Lich King is four tanking classes. You should be able to raid in Lich King without a warrior tank, or without a warrior period. You can replace "warrior" in that sentence with 9 other classes. One of the reasons we spent so much time on the warrior Prot tree is we wanted to compensate them for removing them from the "best tank" pedestal, or at least making room up there for druids, paladins and Death Knights as well.

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