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PvP Balancing
It is certainly our goal to make all classes competitive in Arenas. I think we have made improvements from BC. We are going to learn a lot when more players are at 80 and everyone starts to try out different strats and comps. I do feel pretty comfortable predicting that the issues players are worried about now will not be the ones we're all worried about in 3 months. Dark horses always have a way of sneaking up on you.
I understand the problem with perceptions, and it can sometimes be frustrating that players who can be so well-informed about their own classes could be so out of touch with changes that have occured to other classes. It's just a big game. We definitely can't buff classes or specs just as part of a PR campaign to shake people's mindsets. But that will come with time.

PvE raid content difficulty
Keep in mind that guilds like this are comprised of people who have bested every raid encounter we've released since Onyxia and Molten Core. They've made it a focus for years now to conquer every piece of PvE content we put out there, and do it first. Knowledge, experience, and teamwork are built rapidly when struggling through so many different boss encounters.
Now, I'm not arguing that the raid content is any easier or harder than in the past. I've not done any of the 25 man raids yet. I do get the feeling though that the majority of the people I've seen on the forums specifically arguing that the content is too easy, based on the performance or opinions of the top guilds of the world, have not experienced the content either.
Is it possible you will draw the same conclusion when you've cleared every 25 man encounter through Arthas (when his time comes)? Of course. When your intuitions grow into experience after you've made such accomplishments you'll have better ground from which to justify your disappointment.
Of course we're monitoring your feedback and experiencing the content ourselves. I reiterate that we'll always consider adjusting content for greater ease or difficulty if we feel it is necessary to maintain a fun and rewarding game.

Vehicle Bugs
If you are experiencing vehicle bugs or have experienced vehicle bugs, please feel free to post them in the thread linked below. Please include as much detail as possible when adding to this thread so that we may better find any possible issues.
US PvP Transfer to Drak'tharon
We will be blocking the transfers of Alliance characters off of the realm Cho'gall in the near future for population balance. If you plan to complete this transfer please do so as soon as possible.
[US] PvE transfers to Fizzcrank
We will be reopening free character transfers to the PvE realm, Fizzcrank, on Wednesday November 19 from 9:00am PST to 2:00pm PST. If you are looking to transfer to this realm, please be prepared to do so during this timeframe. No characters will be eligible to use the free moves to this realm once they are complete.
What realms will be eligible to transfer here?
The same realms that were open to Fizzcrank before they were closed off last weekend: Aggramar, Alleria, Alexstrasza, Argent Dawn, Arygos, Blackhand, Doomhammer, Greymane, Hellscream, Hyjal, Medivh, Proudmoore, Thrall, Silvermoon, Whisperwind, Zul'jin.

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