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WoW Blue posts December 05

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 Druid (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Druid healing efficiency
There are plenty of druids topping healing meters.

I think where the problem comes from sometimes is that you need healers who are good at working with hots. When someone has a hot on them, you have to be able to guess if that hot will heal the dude and if it can do it fast enough. Inexperienced healers sometimes stomp on hots, wasting the druid (or priest) mana and making sure that the hot-healer appears to have not contributed much. (Source)

Armor on Feral Staves in next patch
It is the second example. If a staff has 800 armor then your armor value will go up by 800. If leather bracers have 800 armor, then your armor value will go up by much more. (Source)

 Paladin (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Paladin healing efficiency
There are certainly situations where paladins have to work a bit more. But I haven't encountered anything where I wished we had a priest, druid or shaman healing us instead.

The same is true of nearly every class. Mages are better at CC in a lot of dungeons than other classes. Paladins are still probably better AE tanks than death knights. But that doesn't mean that only the best death knights can handle those dungeons.

Now here's an extreme example. Before druids had an out-of-combat rez, many players did believe it was a liability to bring a druid healer, especially whenever they were going to be faced with a respawn situation. We don't think paladin limited AE healing is anywhere close to this degree of problem, but I'd certainly be interested in hearing more. (Source)

 Rogue (Skills List / Talent Calc. (9095))
Balancing Rogues DPS
If you balance rogues, hunters, locks and mages to all do the same dps on target dummies, then what you find in a raid is that the ranged dps comes out on top because the rogue has to spend a lot of potential dps time on positioning and running out of fires. This isn't true of every encounter, but it is true of a lot. (If there is an encounter where a rogue should shine, it's something like Patchwerk.) So rogue dps on a combat dummy probably needs to be higher so that net dps in a raid is about the same as other classes. Make sense?

And once again, if you are taking an inexperienced rogue in blues and PvP gear in a raid, then don't be surprised if expert Moonkin, Retadins, Fury warriors and Enhancement shammies (and all the other hybrids who will Suspect Something Is Up if I don't mention them) blast past him on the meters.

We're not sure if PvE rogue dps is too low. Some players clearly think it is. You can't just average out rogue dps across all WWS reports because you have no idea of the skill and gear involved without a lot of digging. Rogues are very sensitive to buffs and a lot of other factors. It's complicated and the solutions are tricky too. Just buffing rogue damage across the board could do bad things to PvP. Making them better now could make them way too good two tiers from now. These things take time sometimes.

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