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WoW Lockpicking Guide (1-350)

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Both Lockpicking 150-225
If you don't like the water, you can head to Anger Fortress in the Badlands. There are two types of Footlockers inside the fortress, Battered Footlockers and Dented Footlockers. The Battered Footlocks are located upstairs and you will be able to open them immediately at 150, however, the Dented Footlockers will require a skill of 175 to open.

If you're level 30-40 you can go to Desolace, bring 2-3 hours worth of water breathing potions, and pick your way into the mid 200s. There are waterlogged lockboxes around 37,21 (off the northwest shore). There are level 33 mobs you'll have to deal with while doing this. There are also Mossy Footlockers in the deeper areas that can get you to 225.

At 175 you can also go to Scarlet Monastery and pick all of the doors. The ones outside the instance are on a timer so you can only do those a few times every so often, but hit up all the doors on the way in, go into an instance, unlock more doors, open chests, and pickpocket more junkboxes.

Both Lockpicking 225-250
Head to Searing Gorge and jump down into the Slag Pit. Here you will find a bunch of Dented Footlockers that you can open for skills. While you are searching for these, don't forget to pick pocket the mobs in the area to get Junkboxes.

Both Lockpicking 250-300
Tyr's Hand in Eastern Plaguelands is loaded with Scarlet Footlockers. This is probably the easiest place to level from 250-300 because you can also pickpocket the mobs while you are doing this for junk boxes.

As an alternative, there are doors in Blackrock Depths that you can pick.

Both Lockpicking 300-350
From 300-350 all you need to do is go to Feralfen Village in Zangarmarsh and open the Wicker Chests spread across the ground while pickpocketing the NPCs in the area.

At 325 you can open the Dented Footlockers at the Killsorrow camp in South East Nagrand. This is a good idea if the Wicker Chest area is crowded or turns green on you.

All lockpicking levels listed below are when the item first becomes "orange", you may pick the locks on them until it is no longer beneficial to do so (turns grey, better options, etc)

The Deadmines - 1
Gnomeregan - 150
Scarlet Monastery - 175
Searing Gorge Gate - 225
Blackrock Depths - 250
Scholomance - 280
Sratholme - 300
Dire Maul - 300
The Shattered Halls - 350
Shadow Labyrinth - 350
The Arcatraz - 350
Karazhan - 350

Horde and Alliance:
First of all you can start with unlocking the door into the instances but this can only be done about every 10 minutes per door. If you don't wait then it doesn't count as skill up. So just pick them then run into the Cathedral. Jump into the left locked door and into the cathedral instance. Sneak up, or run if you can avoid being aggro'd, and pick the cathedral door then run out and reset. If you find you are too low to start on the door because you are too lazy, jump into the first instance and pickpocket everything in there. This is of course, making sure you have your stealth maxed to avoid detection. You can repeat that as many times as needed, but if you followed step 1 and 2, the cathedral door will get you to 250. This step can take longer than when I originally did it since you can only reset an instance 5 times an hour.
Like mentioned at the top, when you pickpocket mobs and they drop boxes you can't open yet, save them and when you can open them you'll get a big fast boost. Once I opened up the SM doors to 250 I had heavy lockboxes I used and got 20 free points. Pickpocket and lockpick them until your heart is content. Although SM is more effective cause of the respawn, it is better then getting pummled by elite's. You also want to go around to zones that are within your level range and find
All you have to do now is lockpick inside BRD until 350. What you do is go into BRD and turn left and open up the 3 doors. Rinse and Repeat until 350. You get a max of 3 skill ups per run.

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