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WoW Raid Groups

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Raid groups in World of Warcraft prove the axiom that there is strength in numbers. Raids of up to 40 people can fight powerful monsters, wage war in player vs. player battles, and work with others to share loot, experience, and quests in raid dungeons. Raids allow you to venture into the most dangerous areas and overcome the pinnacle of challenges in World of Warcraft.
Forming a Raid
Starting a raid is as easy as starting a group - inviting others to join your adventure. However, to expand your group into a raid you must first convert your group into a raid group. The option to convert to a raid can be found in the Raid panel of your Social tab. The maximum number of players that can fit into one raid is 40. However, raid dungeons have maximum raid size caps that vary by dungeon. For example, many raid dungeons in The Burning Crusade allow a maximum raid size of 25.
Quest Credit
You can not complete objectives for a non-raid quest while in a raid. For example, a raid member does not receive credit for killing creatures or collecting items for non-raid quests. Special raid quests are the only quests that you can complete while in a raid group.
Defeating monsters while in a raid group grants substantially less experience than while in a normal group. However, enemies in raid dungeons also tend to yield significantly more experience per monster than normal monsters.
Raid Group Structure
A raid group shares a chat channel, experience, loot, instances, and raid quests. At the same time, the raid is subdivided into 5-person groups. You will always be assigned to one of these 5-man groups, initially by simply joining the raid which will automatically assign you to a group. After joining the raid, your raid leader may manually reassign and rearrange the groups at any time.
The subdivision has several effects on the members of the raid. Each group can communicate in their own party chat which is only viewable by that group. Only the members of your 5-man group will display on your minimap. In addition, and perhaps most important, many beneficial group spells and abilities used by a group member will only extend to that group. Common examples include a Paladin's auras, a Shaman's totems, and a Warlock's Blood Pact. These spells and effects must be considered by the raid leader and assistants when forming a well-balanced raid.
Raid Leaders and Assistants
A raid leader has special tools to assist in raid organization, structure, and communication. The raid leader can move people between groups at will, add or remove raid members, and use raid alerts and a special raid leader channel. Raid leaders can also promote assistants who have some of the same powers.
The position of raid leader is the person who started the raid by default. A new raid leader can be appointed if the current leader chooses to pass leadership. Raid leaders are indicated in the raid panel with a solid crown icon next to their name. Raid assistants have crown outlines next to their names.
Raid Chat
Once you're in a raid group you can chat in the raid channel by typing /raid, followed by your text. Text that a raid leader sends to chat is displayed in a different color and has the [Raid Leader] label.
Raid UI
On the Raid tab of your Social panel, all the members of your raid are displayed by group. The user interface of this Raid panel has functionality that will allow any member to better keep track of the members of the raid.


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