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WoW Updates

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Level 1-79 Balance Consideration
We do take them into consideration. For example, we do put some thought into the structure of the talent trees based on when classes get new abilities. Part of the whole design of heirloom items was to give players who have reached max level a reason to go try another (for some of us, yet another) class.
We don't spend much effort balancing PvP or PvE for levels below the max level, since nearly all player balance concerns are about max level.
PvP DPS Hierarchy
That hierarchy is largely a structure for PvE. Strength in PvP has a lot more to do with a handful of specific abilities. Ultimately the goal is the same-we have had classes and specs that historically were not very viable in Arenas, and that's not what we want. It is just a lot harder to fix for PvP because balance is so dependent on the specifics of those abilities and testing is so limited by the skill of the players involved. There is no test dummy on which to test PvP effectiveness.
Resilience and Arena Gear
Blizzard wants Arena gear to be attractive. If we get to the point where players can survive without it, then the Arena rewards are less desirable. If we get to the point where players can hit the cap too easily, then they can mix in PvE gear and we have the raid-in-order-to-Arena problem. If we over-compensate and nobody can kill anyone, then you risk a world where the best drain teams win and there won't be a spot for classes that emphasize damage over crowd control.
Death knight
Rune Strike
Rune Strike is largely to make up for the fact that death knight tanks are really penalized for failing to land attacks. For example if you open with a Plague Strike and get a miss or dodge, your rotation is thrown off and your threat will be lower.
It is dependent on a proc so that you have an incentive to hit other buttons and to make it less useful when doing DPS. It is on next swing so that it doesn't tie up a GCD. It can't be avoided so that death knights who miss a Plague Strike and a Rune Strike aren't doubly screwed.
Upcoming Hunter Changes
Beast Mastery Talent Should Not Define Tree
That is not our design. If the 51-point talent defines the tree then you are closing the door on a hybrid spec of some kind ever being viable.
Hunter Pets: Cats and Scorpids


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