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WoW Zul'Farrak Instance

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The Zul'farrak Instance is one difficult one despite it's setting in the Desert Open of Tanaris in Kalimdor. This place that resides northwest of Gadgetzan holds several quests. The majority of them will be easy for those above level 46. There are two quests that require a Mage or people with Area affect spells to lighten the burden of the difficulty. It is preferred that one of the two quests that is for Hakkar to be done prior to going forth with the rest of the quests. Another quest called Gahr'zilla will require a two parts unless one of your teammates has the hammer to summon this hydra, which will suffice.

   Rather than a full dungeon once a time, Blizzard considers Zul'Farrak as a minor instance area, its combination of fun fights and great loot make it as popular as any dungeon in Azeroth. It's located in the northwest part of the Tarnaris Desert. For both Horde and Alliance characters, the closet fight path is the city of Gadgetzan. But the approach to the enterance is fairly easy.
   Bear in mind that the Zul'Farrak is an outdoor instance, so mounts and outdoor spells are useable in the instance.
It is important that good pulls are a successful run in Zul'Farrak. Be sure that the leader of your group is comfortable marking targets, and decide beforehand who is pulling for your party.
Here many of the spellcasters have a polymorph spell that will turn one of your party members into a frog. At least it is necessary for you that you try to have one party member that has a dispell ability or spell.
The instance starts as a long hallway with Sandfury Shadowcasters and Blooddrinkers in groups of twos and threes. Single troll patrols walk up and down the hall. This is a good time to practice working with your group and making sure everyone knows their role. Continue north until you reach a fountain. Here there are two directions you can go. The remainder of the instance is a circle, so it doesn't matter which way you go. There is a slight advantage to turning right first, because if you do, you can bypass the trolls nearest to the wall. To do this, climb over the pile of dirt to on the right side of the room.
It's important that all members of your party are careful with any AOE spells or weapons they have here. The scarabs won't attack unless attacked first, and the combination of trolls and scarabs might be too much for your party to handle. In the center of the room is mini-boss Theka the Martyr. He uses a disease damage over time spell, and has a ward that makes him immune to physical and shadow dammage for a short period of time. After you kill him be sure to loot his body if you have the The Prophecy of Mash'aru or the The Spider God quests. After he is dead is a good time to pull out your AOE capabilities to kill large numbers of scarabs if you have the Scarab Shells quest. There should be plenty of uncracked shells here for everyone in your party.
In the Hinterlands, you will be going to two troll temples. First, there's the Pyramid of Zul, one of the priestesses, Qiaga the Keeper, on top of the pyramid will have an item you need -- the Sacred Mallet. Take the Sacred Mallet to the very top of Jintha'Alor, a terraced troll complex at the southeastern end of Hinterlands. The place is huge, full of elites, and is in many ways a lot like Zul'Farrak itself. Trolls inside it range up to the low 50s in level. The altar you need for enchanting the Mallet is near Vile Priestess Hexx -- the same person you'll need to kill to complete the Saving Sharpbeak line, and in the cave behind her is the Ancient Egg, the follow-up for Yeh'kinya's line of quests, which ultimately sends you to the Sunken Temple. It is better for you to use the mallet at the altar to enchant it, yielding the Mallet of Zul'Farrak.
As above, that's all about Zul'Farrak instance in World of Warcraft. Do you get the hang of this content?

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