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World Of Warcraft Mage Specs

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World of Warcraft Mages are their destructive casting spell damage-some called it all burst damage. Mages have many instant casting moves that are so vital in PVE and PVP. Plus they have great crown control ability, Sheep. In PvP setting, Mages are usually the first target on the enemy's list but unfortunately, Mages are very hard to kill due to their unique ability, Iceblock.
The three talent trees available to Mages are Frost, Fire, and Arcane. Each tree has talents dedicated to increasing damage and making Mages more potent and destructive enemies.
Mages have not had any significant changes to their base play style. A number of changes have been made to their abilities and talents however that will change the play style of many Mages.
Only two abilities were changed for frost, including Frost Armor and Ice Armor, both of which had their mana cost reduced to 34% and 28% respectively. Additional changes include the spread of Arctic Reach to affect Deep Freeze, the alteration of the rank and mana cost of Elemental Precision, Empowered Frostbolt, Frost Channeling, Frost Warding, and Frostbite, and the removal of Improved Frost Nova altogether.
In addition, changes have been made to Frozen Core to reduce damage taken by all spells while Ice Flows moved from Tier 6 to Tier 1 and now has 3 ranks, reducing cool-downs of numerous spells. Ice Shards now has a critical strike bonus to all Frost Spells of up to 100% as well and Shatter has a critical strike bonus of up to 50%.
For the Fire Tree, the Blast Wave ability has been altered with a mana cost reduction down to 620 and a knockback added to the effect of the spell. A wave of flames now radiates out from the caster as a result of casting and damages all enemies within the radius of the spell for 186 Fire Damage with a 6 second daze.
What's more, Flame Strike has a mana cost reduction and a speeding up of the casting time while Pyroblast has had its casting time slightly reduced. For the most part, the talents changed for Fire are all alterations to total percentages, tiers, and rankings. Chances to hit, new spells, and the affect of critical boosts have all been altered for many talents as well.
The fundamentals of Arcane Blast have been changed so that every time one casts Arcane Blast, the damage is increased by 15% (a reduction) and the mana cost by 200% (down from 300%). This can be stacked 3 times. Mana cost has been reduced significantly to 9%. Additionally, Arcane Explosion, Counter-spell, Mage Armor, Polymorph, Portal, Slow Fall, Slow, and Teleport have all had their mana cost changed to a percentage of the base mana. Other changes include cool-downs and total duration times.
In a word, Mages are casters that specialize in burst damage and area of effect spells. Their primary role in a group at lower levels is damage dealing and crowd control through the use of Polymorph, temporarily changing humanoids and beasts into harmless critters. At end-game levels, the role of the magi expands into utility, as many encounters in the game are difficult to finish without Counter-spell, Remove Lesser Curse and Spellsteal. The mages' utility spells also include conjuring food and drink, and the ability to teleport to major cities and open portals for party members. In PvP combat, magi deal ranged damage while using escape skills to avoid taking damage during combat. Their primary stats are intellect, stamina, spell damage, spell critical strike rating, and spirit.

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