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World of Warcraft Jewel Crafting

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What is jewelcrafting? As the name suggests, it is a profession involving the making or crafting of jewels like rings and necklaces which can be used for magic, combat or for making wow gold either by trading it with other characters or selling at the auction house. Jewelcrafting is a profession that you can practice everywhere in the game not in specific location only. Also any character, whether he/she is a jewelcrafter or not, is able to benefit with the jewelry a jewlcrafter makes, and this is what makes it such a valuable trade profession. To perform your jewelcrafting graft, the equipment that is needed is among other things enchanting mats and alchemy mats. All these jewelcrafting items are widely available from any of the trade vendors in the game.

Jewel Crafting is a World of Warcraft trade skill that allows a player to make rings, trinkets, and necklaces that boost stats or offer other effects. Jewel crafting is a primary profession and a palyer should should chose his primary profession with care as a player may only have two primary professions in World of Warcraft. It is not necessary, but highly recommended, for the player who decides to learn jewel crafting as one of his primary trade skills to learn mining also.

Getting Started in Jewel Crafting
A jewel crafter will need to pick up a jeweler's kit from a trade goods vendor in order to make jewel crafting items. Because this trade skill is available only to players who have purchased the Burning Crusade expansion, players will have to go either to the Dranei or Blood Elf city to learn it depending on whether they are Horde or Alliance.

Horde players must go to Silvermoon, and Alliance players must go to Exodar to pick up the initial level of the training skill. The jewel crafter must return to the appropriate city for his faction every 75 skill level increases afterwards to advance the skill to the next level. To gain a jewel crafting skill over 300, players must go to the Outlands and visit the jewel crafting trainers there.

Jewel crafting, unlike many other professions, does not require any equipment specific to certain locations, but rather the player who takes up jewel crafting in the World of Warcraft must purchase a kit from a trade goods vendor.

Materials Required for Jewel Crafting
Stones, ores, and gems are required as are some items made by alchemists to make items via the jewel crafting profession. The first three materials are all obtainable using hte mining trade skill. While the other professions tha mining use the bars that miners make from res, jewel crafters in the World of Warcraft only use the ore.

The earliest skill up increases can be made by making statues fro the rough stones that are obtained from mining copper ores. Below is a brief guide on what items to make to raise the jewel crafting skill most quickly.

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