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World of Warcraft Jewel Crafting

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From 30-60 make:

Malachite Pendants
Tiger's Eye Pendants
Coarse Stone Statues
Bronze Settings

From 60-150 make:

Elegant Silver Ring
Heavy Silver Ring
Ring of Twilight Shadows
Heavy Stone Statue
Gold Dragon Ring

From 150 to 225 make:

Mithril Figurines
Solid Stone Statues
Engraved Truesilver Rings
Commander's Rings
Making Money with Jewelcrafting
Getting the materials may be difficult but the jewelry produced by a jewel crafter is in demand by all players in the World of Warcraft. Jewel crafters can also sell their services cutting gems for uses to cut gems that can be put in items with sockets to further enhance the stats of the wearer. Stat boosts gained from gems inserted into sockets stack with enchantments on the item.

Raising Jewel crafting in World of Warcraft can be frustrating, but the player who sticks it out long enough will be rewarded.

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