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World of Warcraft UI Q&A;

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Are you going to implement a focus frame in the default UI?
It is already implemented in the beta.

Will there be/ has there been talk of a Confirmation Box for talent placement, along the lines of an in-game talent calculator?
We have considered it.

Will there be more action bars?
Maybe. Thompson: "I think the designers are heading this way."

Suggestion for allowing cast-random macros extending into the pet/mount bag warranted a "Cool Idea!" response.

Will there be Built in Item Racks or Boss Timers?
Not yet, maybe in the future.

Will there be a stop-casting function added to the cast sequence macro set?
This is a tricky area because it leads to exploits.

An UI Designer sitting in on the panel announced that the caster's "shoot" ability will follow autoshot and swing's example of not reseting itself upon cast.

Will the 3.0 patch produce Compatibility Issues with addons?
Most addons will be compatible; however some will have to be updated. In general the process should "…flow pretty well."

Any plan to integrate greater forms of buff integration such as "Pally Power" into the default UI.
With the exception being Totem Timers, no.

Will there be a "one bag" solution in the future?

World of Warcraft UI Panel

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