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World of Warcraft Warlock - Level 70 Builds

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World of Warcraft Level 70 PVE Affliction Warlock Build
(45 Affliction / 5 Demonology / 11 Destruction)

This is a rather common Warlock raiding talent build, which is great for DoT-ing but not so good for focused fire. You'll be damage king when taking out the trash mobs, but will be slightly lower on DPS in a boss fight.
The Improved Imp and Healthstone in Demonology will buff your raid better and the Shadowburn in Destruction will add to your burst DPS.

Using Unstable Affliciton in PvE is not a very good investment, better to have Ruin and have your Shadowbolts do a ton more damage if/when they crit (which synergizes with Nightfall and Improved Shadowbolt really well).

You might want to try this: Affliction Warlock Build  (

World of Warcraft Level 70 PVE Destruction Warlock Build
(21 Demonology / 40 Destruction)
The PVE Destruction build is based around getting 2 talents: Conflagrate in Destruction and Demonic Sacrifice in Demonology. The latter will help you boost your Fire Damage for quite a lot, but the downside is that your party loses your Imp's Stamina buff.

In order to be effective, this build also needs heavy +crit and Intellect gear. And mana WILL be a problem since you won't have the mana efficient talents from Affliction.
A basic cast sequences in a raid should: Curse of Elements, Immolate, then spam Incinerate until Immolate is about to end then recast. If you get Heroism or a focus proc, cast a Soulfire.

Fire isn't the only way to go, and a lot of people swear by going Shadow Destruction. All the points are the same, the major differences are using Curse of Shadow, Sacrificing a Succubus instead of an Imp, and spamming Shadowbolts instead of Incinerates. You’ll still want to use Immolate. The critical hits from this spec are insane, more so when you factor in that each critical hit increases the raid's shadow damage by 20%.

World of Warcraft Level 70 PVP Affliction Warlock Build
(43 Affliction / 7 Demonology / 11 Destruction)
This Affliction PVP spec is based on 3 things:
- heavy DoTs with improved and empowered Corruption, improved Curse of Agony, Siphon Life and Unstable Affliction.
- Good Drains and mana efficiency
- High Stamina to keep you alive while your DoTs do the dirty work

The Improved Shadowbolt/Bane and Shadowburn give you some finishing burst.

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