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World of Warcraft :What's "big" about the game

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Has there ever been a bigger game than World of Warcraft? Not just in terms of sales or subscribers -- though it is unquestionably that -- nor in terms of the virtual square mileage its gameworld covers. What's "big" about the game, above all, is the sheer number of things to do, the quantity of ways it can be played, and the variety of experiences it can provide. Warcraft is both a game of heroic adventure and a fishing simulation. It's a chatroom where friends can discuss the day's events, and it's an intense action contest where enemy factions engage in fast-paced combat. It's a lush virtual landscape, and it's several novels' worth of backstory and lore. It's both the easiest and the hardest game you're likely to play -- for anyone can reach the maximum level if they just play long enough, yet only the best of the best can beat the toughest dungeons or claw their way to the top of the player-versus-player arena ladder. More than anything, it's a world many have come to view as a second home. Find a longtime WOW player and you'll find someone who can navigate the city of Ironforge as effortlessly as she moves through her own house.

All of which makes expanding WOW a daunting task. How do you keep improving a monster hit of this magnitude? How do you keep releasing content that lives up to the reputation of the greatest multiplayer role-playing game ever made? With their newest expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard takes the same approach they've taken all along: polish and evolve, polish and evolve. Keep adding new gameplay features incrementally, and tie it together with ultra-slick presentation. It worked with the first expansion, The Burning Crusade; it's not a huge surprise to find that it's worked again.

Lich King's plot updates the most memorable storyline from the original Warcraft strategy games -- the tale of Arthas, the fallen paladin doomed to lead the undead "Scourge" he once opposed. Backed by an army of zombies that seems to have wandered out of an Evil Dead movie, Arthas is preparing to launch an invasion from his throne in wintery Northrend. Guess who's been tapped to stop him? You, and about eleven million other gnomes, night elves, orcs, taurens, trolls, and dwarves.

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