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Wrath of the Lich King New Features

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Another change with the Death Knight will be that unlikely the current classes present in the game, they will not use rage, nor energy nor mana. Death Knight abilities use up runes instead, that have been carved into the Death Knights blade, by the self. These will be used up and take a certain amount of time to recharge, until they can be used again. By using up such skills, the Death Knight will build up Runic Power, that can then be used to use other more powerful skills. While one will not have to be on full runic power to use such skills, they will work better at full strength if so, and without it, they will suffer from decay on power, dealing only a percentage equal to how much Runic Power has been stored
The continent of Nortrend will be open for players to explore. Located at the northern most pole of Azeroth, it will be an area aimed for players ranging from level 68 to 80, and house to the dangerous Lich King himself, much like Outland was to Illidan.
PvP will be back in strength with WotLK. In order to try and make world PvP look a bit more alive once again, Blizzard will be intruducing the first non instanced purely PvP zone in the game. No matter what server you are in, PvE or PvP, RP or RPPvP, when you enter this zone, you will automatically be flagged for PvP. With the new PvP zone, there will be a new batleground. In a word, PvP in WotLK needs team work, tactics and mindless grinding.
That's all about the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King new features. Welcome you to experience this game more better and fun.

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