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Wrath of the Lich King - Professions

Author: - Source: mmo-champion

3 Cloak embroideries - Can only be embroided on the tailoring-masters cloak and will cause it to become soulbound.
6 Carpets (mounts) - Can only be used by the tailorer.
A Guide to Northern Cloth Scavenging - Using this will increase the chance to find cloth on Northrend humanoids

Gathering professions

Herbalism bonus:
Lifeblood (Rank 1-6) - A HoT-spell that will scale with your herbalism skill and heal you for 300-2000HP over 5 seconds.
Fire Leaf - Reduces your armor by 100%, but increases your attack power by 400 for 10 sec. Has a 1min cooldown.
Fire Seed - Makes you vulnerable to magic, but increases your spell power by 200 for 10 sec. Has a 1min cooldown.

Mining bonus:
Toughness (Rank 1-6) - Will increase your maximum health by 30-500HP.

Skinning bonus:
Master of Anatomy (Rank 1-6) - Will increase your critical strike rating by 3-25, 0.54% at level 80.

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