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Wrath of the Lich King:Warrior, Shaman, Mage

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Wrath of the Lich King:Warrior, Shaman, Mage
Want a round up of dungeon and quest loot in the two starting zones? We have you covered. What talents and skills will you be taking to Northrend? Zach spells it out for us. How has the class changed? We covered that in two parts.
Talents and Skills

Natalie Mootz covered Elemental Shaman talent builds. Enhancement has turned out to be a really fun spec. What's going on with Elemental Combat? Healing as a shaman in Northrend will be a lot more involved thanks to spells like Riptide. Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thunderstorm ho!
Other neat stuff

Talents and Skills
The Most Recent Changes - What do your skills and abilities currently do? Here's the skinny. Protection - how will the spec perform in Northrend? Pretty dang well, it turns out. DPS warriors - If you like to smash things we covered how to go about doing that. Skill Mastery covered Damage Shield, Shockwave and Bloodsurge, three new warrior abilities.

Watch a shaman kill an entire raid group! In case you missed it, you don't need to carry four totems to Northrend with you. Yay for extra bag space.
Hopefully you'll have as much fun in Northrend as I did my first and second times through the beta.

Last week in Arcane Brilliance, our regular Mage expert Christian went over the new spells you'll be getting.
In part two of that post, you can find some good discussion of level 80 talent builds (Frostfire looks exciting to me)
Is Inscription any good for Mages?
Christian is not best pleased with Deep Freeze.
In addition to Penguin, which at least half of you probably have already, once you make your way to Dalaran, and if you have some extra gold, you can learn Polymorph: Black Cat! Too bad Hallow's End is over.
How long will your gear last? Depends on how good it is, of course, but T6 should get you to Naxx.
Mirror Image. Know it, love it, love it again.

That about does it for immediately relevant Mage-specific Wrath posts, although there are probably more lurking in our Mage category. They like to cast invisibility.

Leveling Builds
Try out a Prot Grinding Build - 0/8/53 for soloing groups of mobs as well as tanking. This Fury/Prot build brings Titan's Grip with a touch of Improved Thunder Clap and Incite for moderate tanking viability and damage. Here's a heavy Arms build - substitute your weapon specialization of choice.

Gearing guides
We've looked at where to get gear for your warrior - parts one, two, three, four and five.
Hopefully this will get you started in Northrend. Have fun killing things and taking their stuff!

Do you like them ? And have any questions? I like this guide, but i do have one problem with it. In my experience, soloing with arms benefits greatly from Endless Rage, allowing you to do things a lot faster. Also as arms I find myself almost never using heroic strike unless I'm in an instance, so the points in imp. heroic strike could be used in something more useful like Anger management and imp.


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