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Zones In Wrath Of The Lich King Update

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 By now, you're on the shore in Northrend, or maybe you're level 71, still tooling around the starting zones, looking for the right quests to do to get some decent gear for yourselves. Now if you've spent a decent amount of time or better content, or if you decked yourself out in badge gear, we'll be honest, you may not find too many upgrades here. But for people who started their Hunter a little late or didn't quite clear Karazhan before the expansion, there's some very nice stuff here.
Let's take a look at the quest rewards of Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and their attached dungeons, and see what they offer: Amulet
The Worg Fang Talisman is gotten from a set of quests at the Steel Gate in the Howling Fjord: we've got a Flying Machine for the Alliance and the Artifacts of Steel Gate for the Horde. With both critical strike rating and stamina, it's just what a growing Hunter needs.
The Pungnacious Collar comes from the quest It's time for action for the Alliance, and Orabus the Helmsman quest for the Horde. This has a bit more attack power than the Worg Fang, but it has hit rating instead of critical strike rating. If you're missing a lot of shots, you might consider this necklace, otherwise stick with the Worg Fang.
Better than both of these is the Hundred Tooth Necklace, which comes from an Utgard Keep Quest, Disarmament. Unfortunately, only the Horde Version of that quest offers the Hundred Tooth Necklace. The Alliance version only offers the Razor-Blade Pendant, which has strength and is much more suited for other DPSers.
In the end, if you were lucky enough to grind up a Shattered Sun Pendant of Might or grab a Worgen-Claw Necklace off of the Huntsman, you're probably set on necklaces for a while. If not, any of the above might be a nice upgrade for you.
Let's take a look at the quest rewards of Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and their attached dungeons.
The Down Below is designed with great uniqueness and features. What's more, it is specialized in its accessibility in the world so you can go into the Down Below regardless of the place you are in. What is the Down Below? For our part, it's a giant sewer. Now, why they need a sewer of this size is beyond, and really gross to even begin to ponder.
This zone is an option almost immediately after arriving in Qeynos. There are a number of decent quests, and this is a starting off point to harder zones and a quick way to move between towns, especially if you are from Freeport.
Minimum Level is a low end area. By the time you have left the island, unless you sneak off at level 2, you should be well prepared to make your way into this area. There are creatures above level 10 here, but at level 10 you'll feel compelled to start moving on.
Connecting Zones connect to every single city zone in Qeynos making it kind of a crossroads. Now granted, with the exception of North Qeynos, you are never more than a zone and a bell from any other zone, but it's a nice change of pace to travel through if you know your way around. In the center of the zone, in addition to many of the city zone exits, there is the entrance to Vermin's Snye. Travel there with caution as you will notice it's a bit harder than in the Down Below. There is also an instance called Crow's Resting place that provides a few quests.
Both grouping and soloing consist entirely of solo content so it works out if you're duoing or looking to do it alone. This is a learning zone, where you'll hone you combat skills and prepare yourselves for the dangers of Antonica. With no heroics and no nameds to speak of, this is a nice slow going zone perfect for the casual or solo player.
Soloing around this level should be fairly easy and you'd spend more than a few hours here, but the work that went into it is obvious and it's a great place to level.
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