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355-450 Northrend Fishing

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Anglers with poor gear, or no +100 lures, should continue fishing in Old Azeroth (or Outland) until about skill 375. Skill 355 is recommended with a good fishing pole and plenty of +100 lures. Aim for an effective fishing skill of 475 - including bonuses from poles, gear and lures. Look out for +100 Sharpened Fish Hook at the auction house.

This method below assumes you cannot cook. Cooked Northrend fish are likely to be more valuable than the catches listed below.

Travel to Northrend and train Grand Master fishing from any fishing trainer in Northrend (full details).
From skill 355 to about 405 fish inland open water in any of the southern zones of Northrend: Borean Tundra, Dragonblight, Grizzly Hills, or Howling Fjord. These zones require 475 effective fishing skill to stop "get-aways", so use +100 lures at the start. You must fish inland water. Unnamed (same name as the zone) coastal areas currently also contain inland fish. Most of the fish you catch can only be used by cooks. Some of these may sell raw. Pygmy Suckerfish should be the most valuable catch. About 10% of catches will gain a bonus Pygmy Suckerfish. These fish are not found in pools (so hard to catch) and are required by Alchemists to make Pygmy Oil. There is also a very low chance of catching valuable Crystallized Water and Reinforced Crate.
At about skill 405 travel to Dalaran and fish outside the Violet Hold. Precise location is important - you must be outside the Violet Hold, not in the sewers or next to the fountain. Dalaran requires 525 effective fishing skill to stop "get-aways", so you will need to use plenty of lures. About 25% of the catch will be Slippery Eel. These can be eaten raw to give a +30 Dodge Rating buff. They should sell well at auction, yet do not require cooking to prepare. There is also a chance of catching a Rusty Prison Key, which can be used to open a footlocker full of valuable loot. An alternative is to fish in Dalaran's Underbelly (sewers) for Magic Eater. These can also be eaten raw to give a buff. The buff is random, which means normally lots have to be eaten before a "useful" buff is gained. So the price of each Magic Eater will probably be lower than other catches.
If Pygmy Suckerfish are very valuable, ignore the Dalaran stage completely. I strongly recommend you consider training cooking and fishing together: Cooked Northrend fish should make more world of warcraft gold!

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