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75-355 Fishing Deviates

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Travel to The Barrens to catch Deviate Fish. At 75 skill you will be able to fish in The Barrens or The Wailing Caverns without fish getting away, so no lures are required, even with poor gear.

There are two different methods:

Open water fishing in The Wailing Caverns or the oases of The Barrens: Between skill 75 and 355, about 1600 fish will be caught. 30% will be Deviate Fish. This method is faster than pool fishing, since no time is spent moving. Anglers can also hide from others by fishing in The Wailing Caverns, so may be useful for Alliance where the factions are at war (The Barrens is Horde territory). You will catch fewer valuable fish than pool fishing.
Pool fishing in the oases of The Barrens: Fish from School of Deviate Fish. About 80% of the catch will be Deviate Fish. You will need to continually move between pools, so you will spend about twice as much time power leveling as open water fishing. But you will catch far more valuable fish.

Raw Deviate Fish sell at auction for about 50s. It may take several days to sell large amounts of fish. Cooked Deviate Fish (Savory Deviate Delight) sell for more, however the recipe is very rare: Expect to pay over 100g, particularly if you are a member of the Alliance. If you have to buy the recipe to get your fish cooked, it may be more profitable just to sell raw fish.(By the way,wow power leveling can help you out)

While leveling fishing skill from 75 to 300:

Between skill 125 and 150, read the book "Expert Fishing - The Bass and You".
At skill 225 complete the quest, "Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme". The quest is required to advance past 225.
Between skill 275 and 300, read the book "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling". Alternatively, travel to Northrend and train Master rank from a fishing trainer (list of Northrend fishing trainers).

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