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About Raid Healing At Level 80

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As a Disc priest on the premade server (Murmur), I noticed a single problem with a talent that I was yearning for: Rapture.

Rapture causes mana regen on heals and shield absorption. And while it does return mana on heals, the return on shield absorption is a tenth of that. I'm hoping that that's a bug, but I guess we'll see.

Maybe it's because of the high end PvP gear that we get on the premade, or maybe it's the tight-knit group that I went in with, but one of our rogues got disconned at the beginning of CoT: Strat, and the four of us pounded through the place like nobody's business. Not a single death. I was the only healer and had no trouble keeping them up. Personally, other than that minor issue with Rapture, I have no issues with the functionality of Disc priest healing in groups.


Let's talk about roles. I've seen a lot of talk from players that were dreading that Priests would become obsolete. I don't buy it one bit. I'll make a wager right now that there will be at least 2 Priests in every Heroic Naxxramas raid. Old school players that have engaged Instructor Razuvious and Grand Widow Faerlina will understand why (both bosses require Mind Control). The Priests don't have to be Holy, but their presence will be needed.

As usual, though, healing roles will entirely be determined by the individual players, as raid spots are now determined by performance, not class. My guild cleared most of Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep without the services of a Resto Druid.

The raid structure of Wrath is built in such a way that if your raid group is missing a particular class or spec, you won't be left with an arm wrenching handicap. It makes encounters possible and accessible. If guilds don't have a certain class due to a server shortage, it ensures that progression does not come to a grinding halt.

Priests bring a lot to the table as a class, but it is up to the players to make themselves useful additions to a raid. The emphasis should be on healers making themselves indispensable in as many situations as possible.

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