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Age Of Conan US: Server Merges

Author: inwowgold Source:

The guys at Age Of Conan US have announced that some server merges are going to take place in the next few days. Here's the message posted by their COmmunity Manager in their forum that announces the plan:

As you probably have heard, we merged the US servers 'Bloodspire' and 'Hyperborea' on 7th of January. We monitored the new server closely and can confirm that the merge was going very well and without issues.

Firstly, we present you the list of the planned servers to be merged (see below). We will proceed with merging next week and the specific date and time as well as the expected downtime will be announced soon too. As a general information we can already say that the plan is to merge all US servers in another go.

Now, here's the list of planned server merges. The first server shown (in bold) will remain as the servername after the merges. The servers merged together with the first one are then listed below.

US Servers

        - Set (PvE)
          - Damballah
          - Bardisattva
          - Dagoth
          - Derketo
          - Hanuman

        - Wiccana (PvE)
          - Mannanan
          - Ajujo
          - Thog
          - Zug
          - Omm

        - Gwahlur (PvE - Oceaninc)

        - Tyranny (PvP)
          - Scourge
          - Bluesteel
          - Stormrage
          - Deathwhisper
          - Doomsayer
          - Shadowblade

        - Cimmeria (PvP-RP)
          - Bane

        - Bloodspire (PvP - Oceanic) - merged on 7th January 2009

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