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Ahn'kahet Instance

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   Ahn'kahet is known as the Old Kingdom which is part of the Nerubian empire. This instance is the slightly harder of the two, the other being Azjol-Nerub. It is designed for level 73-75 characters. The instance is composed of undead nerubians, Scourge, Twilight's Hammer disciples and Faceless Ones. The areas within the dungeon are: Hall of the Conquered Kings, Befouled Terrace, The Desecrated Altar, and the Fallen Temple of Ahn'Kahet.

The nerubians of Ahn'kahet dug too deep during their attempt to escape the invasion of the Scourge. They got too close to the Old God under Northrend. Rousing its awareness, the Old God sent its insane creatures against them, and the nerubians were caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The leader of the Old Gods' forces, Herald Volazj is one of the nightmarish beings known as The Faceless.

This instance is pretty breath taking when you first zone in. However, the actual instance is rather long and annoying to navigate. Getting lost was pretty easy. The plus side is that you can take many shortcuts to avoid lots of trash.

The instance looks like tuned for about level 72 or 73 players, so I think it being labeled up to 75 is a bit much. The bosses were harder than I would expect in a simple non-heroic five man for the average WoW player, though. At level 72 with leveling gear I imagine this place is quite the challenge.

The first boss had a pretty interesting mechanic. He will hatch adds from eggs, and rather frequently he hatches a guardian add. When the guardian spawns, every other add and the boss becomes immune to damage but still runs around attacking. At the same time it's interesting because other adds hatch as the guardian. So while you are killing the guardian, the new adds will likely just beat on your healer and you can't do anything about it.

The second boss was not very interesting except that it may just be the most annoying boss I've even had to deal with. He paralyzes someone and I am not sure if it's always the tank, but he did it to me every single time. I would only have about 5 seconds of time to hit the boss and then I'd be paralyzed for 10 seconds again. The other mechanics aren't worth mentioning.

The third boss will be very hard at level 72. She will make an add walk to her and if it reaches her she enrages similar to Gluth. You can't stun or hamstring or anything, so it was a pain in the butt with only myself and one dps on them. After the first we killed them all at least so we don't look too terrible. She does an annoying knockback so I tanked her against the wall right by her after the add phase she ran into the wall and up the ledge and totally borked the encounter - so don't do that.

The final boss had a pretty funny trick. It seems to involve the new phasing deal. At first I thought he mind controlled my two allies. So I instantly killed the Rogue in my party but left the healer alive, kiting him in circles, since me and the healer have killed many bosses while the rogue lay around dead and useless. But it turns out the same thing happened to them - everyone saw the other two party members as enemies. So it's some trick with phasing, and everyone just has to kill off the other party members they see. Other than that, he was uninteresting.

That is so-called Ahn'kahet Instance. Are you get the hang of it?

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