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Alternative: 75-355 Fishing Pools

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Consider this alternative if you cannot cook, or if auction house prices for Deviates are low. You will make gold by selling alchemy fish and the contents of Mithril Bound Trunks. These are not always easy to sell at auction - watch the market carefully.

Equipment and Pools:

1.If you have a +20 or better pole, buy some +50 Nightcrawler lures with world of warcraft gold, and head to Hillsbrad Foothills, Wetlands or Stonetalon Mountains at skill 75. If you gear is poor, fish until skill 100 in a capital city first. Your effective fishing skill (personal plus gear and lures) needs to be 150 or above.
2.Fish Firefin Snapper School (or Oil Spill), Floating Wreckage Pool and Oily Blackmouth School (not found in Stonetalon Mountains). You may also fish School of Sagefish. Fish like Firefin Snapper are increasingly hard to sell at auction, but can still make 10-30s each. These are used by Alchemists raw - they cannot be cooked.
3.Between skill 125 and 150, travel to Stranglethorn Vale. Precisely what skill depends on how good your gear is. Your effective fishing skill (personal plus gear and lures) needs to be 225 or above, but you can (and should) use +75 Bright Baubles. Read the book "Expert Fishing - The Bass and You". Stock up on lures.
4.Fish from all the pools found around the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, south of Grom'Gol Base Camp. Avoid pools to the north of the Horde base, since these do not contain Mithril Bound Trunk or Stonescale Eel. The contents of Mithril Bound Trunk can fetch several gold at auction. These trunks are the main reason to fish pools, but the other alchemy fish should still sell.
5.Once your skill has reached 225, complete the quest, "Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme".
6.Now you can return to fish in Stranglethorn Vale without lures, or move to Feralas or Tanaris and fish the same coastal pool types. You will need to use lures in Feralas or Tanaris until your skill reaches 300. But you may find less competition there.
7.Read the book "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling" after skill 275. Alternatively, travel to Northrend and train Master rank from a fishing trainer (list of Northrend fishing trainers).

Anglers can fish Azeroth's pools until about skill 355. Alternatively, at about skill 300, anglers can travel to Outland and start fishing pools in Zangarmarsh. Aim for an effectively fishing skill of 400 (including bonuses from poles, gear and lures). Remain in Umbrafen Lake and The Lagoon, where the skill requirements are lowest.

Fish every pool: Just enough should respawn to allow continuous fishing, but there may not be enough pools if several anglers are fishing. Some catches are valuable when vendored, such as Goldenscale Vendorfish. Most catches from Steam Pump Flotsam can be resold at auction. These catches are more valuable than anything in Old Azeroth. Unfortunately most of the edible fish you catch will be almost worthless - even when cooked.

So, it may be more efficient not to fish in Outland.

Another alternative: Many of those leveling cooking without fishing are still confused about where to find recipes between cooking skills 275 and 300. You may be able to catch and sell raw Darkclaw Lobster, Large Raw Mightfish and Raw Whitescale Salmon at auction. These will require fishing 330 base-skill zones in Azeroth - Azshara's Bay of Storms area, or zones such as Winterspring.

Fishing 1-75 with Gold
75-355 Fishing Deviates

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