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Any questions on mounts and other things?

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Any questions on mounts and other things? I was wondering what is going to happen to the quest line for the druid's epic flight form. Will new druids have to scramble to put together a few 80s to go back and finish off a level 70 heroic instance for the quest completion? Will it become trainable at a druid trainer in Northrend? Or if I don't get it on my druid before the expansion will I miss out on the opportunity all together? What is the DPS on the ammo in WOTLK?

Terrorshaft Arrows are 46.5 DPS. Frostbite Bullets are the same. I haven't seen any blue or epic ammo yet, but I'm sure it's out there. Maybe one of our readers is an Engineer and can help you out with those?

For the first one. The quests aren't being removed, nor is their minimum level requirement. Paladins and Warlocks had to still do their epic mount quests in Dire Maul or Scholomance even if they leveled past those dungeons. They had to go back and do it. Druid epic flight will be the same. You won't lose the chance to do it, but Wrath isn't giving you a "get out of Sethekk free" card, either.

What kind of HPs and mana are characters at level 80 going to get? I saw some screenshots where characters in a level 80 raid looked to have 30-35k HPs - is this something we'll all be able to achieve?

It's going to vary from class to class, but in short, you'll get close. Tanks in PvE seem like they'll have this easily, and a lot of those screenshots were also of people in heavy arena gear. The one in particular that I saw was Serennia, a Warrior.

For Blacksmithing, are there any new mail items? Wondering if I should change my professions on my shammy.

I haven't seen any Mail for Blacksmiths. I think Leatherworking has that covered this time around.

What levels can use multipassenger mounts?

You can purchase and use them at level 60, but I believe that anybody can get in the passenger seats. So you can ride your mammoth down to Northshire and give your buddy an escort to Stormwind.

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