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Artisan Fishing Guides for Alliance and Horde

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Requirements To Begin Artisan Fishing Quest:

You must be at least level 40 and have your expert fishing skill maxed out at 225 in order to recieve this quest. Be sure to have plenty of silver for all of the traveling you'll be doing.

NOTE: There is a known bug that will keep you from skilling up after receiving Artisan Fishing if you leave the area. After finishing the Artisan Cooking quest, be sure to fish your skill up to 226 before leaving Nat Pagle.

Alliance Start:
Speak with Grimnur Stonebrand in Ironforge (The Forlorn Cavern)

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Horde Start:
Speak with Lumak in Orgrimmar (Valley of Honor)

>>Cooking 1-375 Horde Guide

Both will tell you to speak to Nat Pagle, who is SW of the Alliance city of Theramore Isle. Nat Pagle is located at 58.59. For Horde, the closest city is Brakenwall Village. Nat Pagle is SE of Brakenwall Village.

Nat Pagle will ask you to catch these 4 fish:
Feralas Ahi is found in Feralas (Verdantis River).
Savage Coast Blue Sailfin is found in Stranglethorn Vale (The Savage Coast).
Sar'theris Striker is found in Desolace (Sar'theris Strand).
Misty Reed Mahi Mahi. is found in Swamp of Sorrows (Misty Reed Strand).

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