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Chain Casting And Aggro Control

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In combat, as you're engaged, you must regenerate mana more slowly than when you're outside of combat. So it is important for you to balance your casting efficiency with your mana regeneration, consider chain casting, casting your spells in waves.
The primary reason is due to the 5 second rule. This principle states that during the five seconds following the start of casting of any spell with a mana cost, you won't regenerate mana. However, after five seconds are up, your spirit kicks in and you begin to slowly recoup mana. The more spirit you have, the faster you'll regenerate your mana pool.
If you cast two or three spells back-to-back, then you should break from casting for four seconds to deal a bit of damage with your weapon, you won't recover any mana. However, if you cast those same spells back-to-back and then break from casting for at least six seconds or longer, you will notice your mana begin to regenerate. The longer you wait before casting another round of spells, the more mana you'll recover.
You can try experimenting to get a feel for this principle. Take on an easy mob or two and watch your mana bar after you cast a few spells. You'll begin to see the pattern of mana regeneration emerge based on the 5 Second Rule described above. Once you get a feel for the timing, you'll begin to adjust your healing routine to a rhythm that will enable you regenerate some mana during combat. This will also reduce your downtime between fights.
You can't effectively heal if you're under attack by mobs. So aggro-control is a must. To control your threat level, you must first understand how aggro works. Your threat generation is based on three things:
First of all, the damage you deal. Damage over time spells generate aggro more slowly than regular damage spells. And as a general rule of thumb, your wand or weapon will deal less damage than your spells. As a healer, you'll best serve your group by keeping your damage to a minimum and allowing others to deal their damage first. Let them "build up" a little threat themselves before joining the fight with your supplemental damage.
Second, your healing spells is a part and parcel. Like damage spells, heal spells generate aggro more slowly than regular healing spells. So by all means, use 'Renew' and 'Rejuvenation' and/or 'Lifebloom' often. However, unlike damage spells, healing spells build up threat for all mobs within range, rather than a single mob. This can spell big danger for an overzealous healer.
Some time you may allow the main tank to build up threat versus all of the mobs before you begin casting your non-HoT heals. Some players may feel more comfortable not casting any heals, HoT or otherwise, until the main tank has secured the hate of all mobs in range.
The last is your level and proximate. The lower you are, the greater your aggro radius. Regardless of your level, as a healer, you don't want aggro. So it is better for you to stay in the back of the group. And if you're level is low, you may stay back. You can afford to hang back because heals have a good range.
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