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Death Knight Leveling Guide:Basic Leveling Tips

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Follow the Instructions. You cannot skip most Death Knight quests so don't get clever trying to. We've taken a great deal of time to make sure you don't get stuck at any places, provided you're following directions

Spec for damage and less downtime. Put talent points into talents that will reduce your downtime and increase your damage. For the Death Knight, this means speccing Blood. I recommend a build such as this one or something similar.
Turn on auto-looting. Press ESC, go to Options, Controls and turn on "Auto Loot". This will save you time when looting bodies.

Don't waste time finding groups. Everything described in this guide can be soloed. Only group with people when it's convenient. If you find other players at an elite quest mob when you get there, that is convenient. Waiting for a player that's across the zone to arrive and kill a mob isn't.

Use only one weapon type. Leveling weapon skill every time you switch weapons is very time consuming and I advise strongly against it. Considering that Death Knights start out with a sword, I recommend sticking to Two-Handed Swords for the remainder of your wow power leveling.

Avoid PVP Dying will slow you down while leveling. If you can avoid it, don't confront and avoid enemy players. Even if you are well geared, your chances dying at the hands of a player are far greater than dying world mobs and dying just slows you down. Killing players won't get you any XP either.

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