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Destruction Warlock Talents Part 1

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What is the class did you level now? Meant to boost the direct damage of Warlocks, these talents buff your chance to get critical effects and increases pet attack speed. Come to learn it.

Cataclysm – No requirements and it has five ranks. It reduces the mana cost of Destruction spells. Rank one reduces 1%, Rank two reduces 2%, Rank three reduces 3%, Rank four reduces 4%, and Rank five reduces 5%.

Shadowburn – Requires ten skill points in Destruction and it has one rank that will instantly blast a target with shadow damage, if they die yielding experience or honor, you'll gain a soul shard.

Intensity – It requires fifteen skill points in Destruction and it has two ranks. It will give you a chance to resist interruption by damage while channeling any Destruction spell. Rank one gives 35% and Rank two gives 70%.

Bane – Requires five skill points in Destruction, it has five ranks, and it reduces casting time of Immolate, Shadowbolt, and Soul Fire. Rank one reduces Soul fire 0.4 and the others 0.1, Rank two reduces Soul fire 0.8 and the others 0.2, Rank three reduces Soul fire 1.2 and the others 0.3, Rank four reduces Soul fire 1.6 and the others 0.4, and Rank five reduces Soul fire 2.0 and the others 0.5.

Improved Shadow Bolt – Requires nothing and has five ranks. Shadow bolt critical strikes increase the next four sources of Shadow damage dealt to the target, lasting a max of 12 seconds. Rank one increases 4%, Rank two increases 8%, Rank three increases 12%, Rank four increases 16%, and Rank five increases 20%.

Improved Lash of Pain – Requires ten skills in Destruction and it has two ranks. It reduces your Succubus' Lash of Pain cooldown. Rank one by 3 seconds and Rank two by 6 seconds.

Devastation – Requires ten skill points in Destruction and it has five ranks. It increases the critical strike chance of your Destruction spells. Rank one by 1%, Rank two by 2%, Rank three by 3%, Rank four by 4%, and Rank five by 5%.

Aftermath – Requires five in Destruction and it has five ranks. Fives destruction spells a chance to daze for 5 seconds your target. Rank one gives 2% chance, Rank two gives 4%, Rank three gives 6%, Rank four gives 8%, and Rank five gives 10%.

Improved Firebolt – Requires ten skills in Destruction and it has two ranks. It reduces the casting time of your Imp's Firebolt. Rank one by 0.25 seconds and Rank two by 0.50 seconds.

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