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The Fan Festival In FFXI

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The Fan Festival is FFXI interaction at its highest -- more familiar and bringing people closer together than any other conventions or gatherings for FFXI players. There are many attractions to look forward to about new game content, costume and art contests, and obtaining cool new exclusive goodies. Nobody knows what its ability will be yet. You can also be the first to hear directly from the Developers about what's going to come out next. But above all these attractions and events, what we believe is the centerpiece of the Fest is that players from all over the country can come to this event and meet their in-game friends in Real Life for the first time because, what keeps us in the game most of the time, is our allies in our server and linkshell.

The Fan Festival launched with a Development Presentation. Producer Hiromichi Tanaka introduced the packed Ballroom to three new scenarios in the works; The Crystalline Prophecy (ode of life restoring), A Moogle Kupo D'etat (evil in small doses) and A Shantotto Ascension (the legend torn, her empire born). These are strictly storyline expansions expanding on the history and myth of Vana'diel. Each volume is quite a bit smaller than other expansions to date and all are being developed concurrently with the current Wings of the Goddess Expansion updates. A new Dev team was actually brought on to work on these storyline scenarios. Each volume is scaled from the solo player of about level 30 to Alliances of level 75 parties all the way. Each storyline will indeed require an alliance of level 75 players to complete the final battle.

Planner Yuji Fujito and mastermind of a new piece of game content entitled Moblin Maze Mongers continued the presentation with live game-play. In a Moblin shop in Jeuno, we were introduced to Goldagrik, the CEO and President of Moblin Maze Mongers and his lovely assistant Chatnachoq in the flesh or pixel, so to speak. From Goldagrik, we obtained a Maze Tabular - a 5 by 5 square map with 2 blacked squares. Then we selected mobs to place in the dungeon via Maze Runes. Some were two square mobs while others were three square mobs ranging from stationary Plantoids to ambulatory Gargantuan Warriors who could cast various spells. Bobby our game operator, selected a few and placed them, then we were off to the Chocobo stables where the Maze Monger Shopfront awaited us.

Trading the Maze Tabular and paying a nominal processing fee of 200gil, we waited while the maze was created, and encountered a glitch. Eventually, we switched to a backup Powerpoint Presentation until someone in the crowd yelled out. When they switched over to the game, we were in the dungeon lobby where two more Moblins awaited us. With Packapic, we could check our settings, the Mission Objective, the Tabular details, Structural stability and Sound Tracks. The ability to set the background music for the dungeon was a feature that Fujito-san had particularly wanted to show us. A single set was available for selection and they were marked "free" indicating that sets of music to follow would incur some kind of cost.

To be honest, Fan Festival is definitely the place to be if you're a Final Fantasy XI junkie. The excitement, the events, and especially all the cheering people who will be excited along side you. However, due to the limiting factor of the location selection, the dream of attending a Fan Fest will never turn into a reality for the thousands of fans because they live too far away from Southern California. Yet in spite of all these negativities regarding time and conflicts, we believe that the burden of paying for all those things will depend on a person's actual desire to go. Because, they can put more weight on the significance of meeting their best friends and taking that chance for an adventure and not just watching their character on a monitor.

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